15 Surprising Baby Powder Life Hacks

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Baby powder has been around for decades and has become a common household toiletry. In fact, there's probably some in your bathroom cabinet right now. If there is, you're in luck. Baby powder is an unexpected and versatile item that can help solve various everyday problems. Here are 15 ingenious baby powder hacks you should try ASAP.

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Save Your Favorite Shirt From Grease & Oil Stains

If sweat stains aren't your problem, but oily pizza stains are, then we have the solution for you. The first step is — don't panic! Use a paper towel to dab the oil, then generously apply baby powder to the stain to absorb. Sweep the baby powder away from the stain with a paper towel, gently brush with water and soap (or detergent) and let it air dry. This will help remove grease or oil stains on shirts, pants, carpets and couches.

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Absorb Stinky Odors

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and you just completed your daily three miles. You remove your shoes and are hit with such a foul odor. It's like 'Stink City' in there. But never fear, baby powder is here! Baby powder works great for absorbing moisture and neutralizing odors. Drizzle a little inside your shoe, let it sit overnight and shake out the excess powder the following day. Bonus tip: If you rub baby powder on your feet, it will help absorb sweat and prevent chaffing.

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Remove Sand From Your Feet

Don't you just love the beach? The calming sound of crashing waves, the wind blowing your hair, and the tons of sand leftover from last year's vacation. If you're headed to the beach, sand will surely be everywhere, but at least you can avoid it piling up in your shoes. Simply rub some baby powder onto your sandy feet to easily brush off that annoying sand before putting on your shoes.

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Untangle Necklaces

Knot‌ another problem! Yikes — that was a bad joke. On a serious note, this hack will save you so much time. Untangle your necklaces faster by sprinkling baby powder in between the crevices. The baby powder will help prevent your necklaces from breaking and make it easier to remove knots. Bonus tip: This will also help loosen knots in shoelaces.

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Silence Your Squeaky Floors

If you're a morning person, then you probably try to keep the peace and quiet. Unfortunately, it just takes one step on that squeaky floor board to get the dog barking hysterically. Before you know it, the barking wakes everyone in the house, the baby is crying and you're back to wishing you never had wood floors! ‌But‌ that was before you discovered this awesome hack. Just sweep baby powder in between the floor boards and it should quiet that annoying creak.

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Keep Ants Away

Ants and spiders are best kept outside. Sprinkle a thin line of baby powder around your windows and other locations in your home where ants invite themselves in. Ants dislike the baby powder and it is a safer alternative to ant spray.

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Prevent Oily Hair Between Washes

If you run out of shampoo one day, or just don't want to wet your hair, there is a cheap and quick solution to this — baby powder! The baby powder will absorb some of the oil and keep your hair smelling wonderful. While this trick works best for blondes (or greys), brunettes can add a little cocoa powder and redheads can add cinnamon before combing in the powder.

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Refresh Your Pet's Fur

Does your cat hate baths? Is your dog a little stinky? If your furry friend is a tad odorous, or just in between baths, then give them a refresher with a bit of baby powder. It will absorb the oil buildup and odor, making their coat look ‌fur-esh‌! Massage in a handful (or two if you have a larger pet) and brush it after you let it sit for a few minutes. Plus, the baby powder can help control fleas.

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Reduce Chafing & Irritation

The good news is you bought new shoes that look great on you. The bad news is they irritate your feet with ‌every‌ step you take. Reduce friction and sweat by dusting the inside of your dress shoes or high heels with baby powder. This will keep your skin smooth, blister and pain free. Bonus tip: Prevent chafing on your morning run by dusting baby powder on your inner thighs, or any other spots that are prone to chafing.

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Protect Flower Bulbs From Pests & Rot

If you love gardening, then this hack will help you grow the garden of your dreams. Flower bulbs are so vulnerable to being destroyed by underground pests and rot, but you can protect them with a little baby powder. Fill a reclosable bag (or plasticware) with 5 flower bulbs and 3 tablespoons of baby powder. Next, give them a shake, plant them and watch your garden flourish!

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Freshen Up Your Closet

Now that you've used baby powder to fresh your shoes and pets, it's time to freshen up your closet! Your dresser drawers and closet can develop a musty odor from bacteria or moisture. Fortunately, you know of a hack that helps absorb moisture and eliminate stinky smells. Place a jar or container with holes in your closet or drawer and the magic of baby powder should happen on its own. The aromatic smell of baby powder will replace that putrid odor and leave your closet smelling fresh!

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Easily Slip On Rubber Gloves

Disposable rubber gloves make your cleaning experience more pleasant and help prevent infections while cleaning. Plus, they create a barrier for your skin and increase your grip. Don't miss out on these benefits because you can't even get them on your hands! Simply rub some baby powder onto your hands before putting on gloves. The baby powder will absorb the moisture and your gloves should slip right on with ease.

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Make Your Eyelashes Thicker

There is no need for eyelash serum when you already have a versatile item that can help thicken your lashes. Dust a little baby powder on your lashes before putting on mascara in order to make them appear longer and fuller. While you're at it, you can dust a bit of baby powder onto your face to set your makeup. The baby powder will remove oils from your skin.

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