10 Clothes Cleaning Hacks Using Vinegar

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10 Ways to Wash Clothes in Vinegar
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Wash Clothes in Vinegar

Vinegar is by far one of the best cleaners that you can use in your home. It has so many uses, especially when it comes to washing and caring for your clothes. These 10 ways to wash clothes in vinegar will blow your mind and help get your laundry fresh and clean!

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Wash Delicates Naturally

Delicates like bras and panties should be washed with care. Since they also come in contact with delicate areas of your body, it's a good idea to wash them with natural ingredients that don't include scents and perfumes. To wash your delicates, place them in a mesh bag and wash in warm water on the delicate cycle with 1 cup of vinegar instead of laundry detergent.

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10 Ways to Wash Clothes in Vinegar
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Keep Jeans from Fading

Jeans can fade over time, but they don't have to! To keep your jeans from fading, turn them inside out, set your washer to use cold water and allow it to fill up. Add 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and wash on the regular cycle. Do not use laundry detergent. This can be done every few months to help maintain the original color.

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Help Clothes Retain Their Colors

To keep colors from fading from your clothes, simply add 1/2 cup of vinegar to your cold wash cycle along with your regular detergent. The vinegar helps to lock in the colors.

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10 Ways to Wash Clothes in Vinegar
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Deter Static Electricity

Ditch the dryer sheets and use vinegar to keep your clothes static-free instead. Just add 1/2 cup of vinegar to your washer's final rinse cycle and you won't need to use a dryer sheet in the dryer. You can add wool dryer balls to your dryer to help move your clothes around and to help them dry more quickly.

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Natural Fabric Softener

Many store bought fabric softeners have scents and perfumes in them that may irritate your skin, Instead, use 1/2 cup of vinegar in your washer's final rinse cycle and your clothes will come out soft and wrinkle free.

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10 Ways to Wash Clothes in Vinegar
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Stain Pre-treater

Pre-treat tough stains with a quick spray of distilled white vinegar. Then wash as you normally would and your clothes should come out clean and stain-free!

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Prevent Pet Hair Build-up

Vinegar can help repel lint and pet hair build-up from clothes. Just add 1/2 cup of vinegar to your washing machine's final rinse cycle and keep pet hair at bay!

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10 Ways to Wash Clothes in Vinegar
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Remove Mildew Smell from Towels

If you have towels or other linens that smell like mildew, skip the laundry detergent and use distilled white vinegar to get rid of it instead. Fill your washing machine with water on the hottest setting. Add 1 cup of vinegar and wash on the regular cycle. The fabric won't smell like vinegar, but the mildew smell will be long gone!

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