19 Necessities to Include in a Car Emergency Kit for Cold Weather

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winter road in the morning
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Preparedness for cold weather or extreme snowstorms includes keeping an emergency kit in the trunk of your car. Here are top items to pack, especially if you think it's possible you might be lost on a road for any length of time.

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Ice scraper
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Windshield Scraper and Small Broom

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Flashlight with Extra Batteries

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emergency weather radio
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Battery Powered Radio

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Row of plastic drink water bottles
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Granola Bars
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Snack Food Including Energy Bars

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Raisins and Mini Candy Bars

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Matches in a matchbox.
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Matches and Small Candles

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Striped Wool Beanie
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Extra Hats, Socks & Mittens

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First aid kit
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First Aid Kit with Pocket Knife

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Necessary Medications

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Sleeping bag packed
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Blanket or Sleeping Bag

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Rope Close Up
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Tow Chain or Rope

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Hand with road salt
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Road Salt, Sand or Cat Litter for Traction

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booster cable
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Booster Cables

Image Credit: karimitsu/iStock/GettyImages
Emergency Road Flares
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Emergency Flares and Reflectors

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red flag isolated
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Bright Flag to Draw Attention

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Shiny silver whistle with red string
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Whistle to Attract Attention

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