BMW 325 Engine Removal


The BMW 325 inline six-cylinder engine is a compact, efficient and performance-oriented powerplant. For different reasons, perhaps related to maintenance, tuning or a major rebuild, the best option to work on the engine is to pull it out of the car. Pulling an engine is no easy task, but it’s not something reserved only for major auto repair facilities. The one item needed to pull an engine not everyone will have in the family garage is an engine hoist. Hoists are available, however, from most industrial rental businesses.

Remove the Hood

  • Don’t even think of removing the BMW 325’s engine with the hood in the way. Removing the hood just means taking out the fastener securing it to the hinges and lifting it off. It’s a good idea, however, to have some help not only to remove the heavy body panel but to hold it when removing the final fasteners.

Disconnect Hoses and Wires

  • Next you want to disconnect all the hoses, wires, cables and other components leading to and from the engine. Be sure to clamp the fuel line before disconnecting it. Drain the oil, coolant, power brake and steering fluid. The battery cables and air conditioning tubing will also have to be disconnected. The various wiring trunks for engine management and control switching need to come off. Also, disconnect the throttle linkage and the drive shaft under the car.

Disconnect Engine Mounts

  • The 325’s engine is mounted on four points at each corner. The engine mounts are large rubber bushings and bolts retaining brackets connected to the engine. Before removing the engine mounts, roll the engine hoist into place and secure the engine with the hoist’s chain and hook. One the engine mounts are disconnected, the engine is free to move inside the bay.

Remove the Engine

  • The engine does not come straight up out of the engine bay. The transmission case is connected to the bottom of the engine and needs to also come out. Lift the front of the engine first so it is tilted up and the move the engine hoist forward very slowly. Work the engine forward and up over the radiator. Once the transmission is free to move inside the engine bay, you can finish lifting the engine and remove it from the BMW.

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