Ford Bronco Transmission Removal


Whether automatic or standard, the Ford Bronco transmission is removed from beneath the vehicle with the same procedure. Removing the Bronco’s transmission takes some very special tools and equipment or it takes lots of muscle and help. If at all possible, it’s best to get the Bronco up on a car lift with enough clearance to work. If you cannot lift the Bronco, then raising all four wheels on lift ramps will work. You cannot, however, remove the transmission with the Bronco on its wheels on the ground.

Drive shaft

  • The first thing to do is remove the drive shaft from its connection to the transmission. Remove the bolt securing the shaft to the universal joint. Wrest the shaft from the joint and the lay it on the ground.

    At this point you can drain the transmission fluid. Both standard and automatic transmissions have fluid. There is a drain plug located on the side of the transmission case. Remove the plug and let the fluid drain into a large container. Dispose of the transmission fluid as you will not be using it again.

Transmission support

  • You will need a transmission support table under the housing and lifted to support the weight of the unit. These are available to rent from most auto supply dealers and rental businesses. You can purchase one, but it’s several hundred dollars and you will have to determine for yourself how often you’ll be removing transmissions.

    It’s a stand mounted on casters with adjustable height. Place it under the transmission and position it before beginning any disassembly.


  • Close to the engine there is a large flange connecting the transmission housing to the engine. Around this flange are several hex head bolts. Remove each bolt with a large socket wrench but leave two bolts in place, one on each side. Once the bolts are removed, look to see if there is a hanger support for the rear of the Bronco’s transmission housing. If there is, remove the bracket. Then remove the remaining bolts on the flanged fitting.

    Once the drive shaft, bolts and bracket are removed, the transmission housing is free. All that’s left to do is use the transmission support table to lower the housing and then roll it away from underneath the Bronco.

    When doing this, however, be careful of any excess transmission fluid that may drip from the disassembled transmission. Quickly use some spill cover (a sawdust and chemical compound that absorbs spills) or a rag to remove the fluid. It’s very slippery on shop or garage floors and very dangerous.

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