Walnut Shells for Cleaning


Walnut shell is a unique and versatile substance for it can clean surfaces without damaging the underlying original exterior. Ground into several grits from extra fine to extra coarse, walnut shell has many uses from Graffiti removal to polishing gem stones. Walnut shell blasting is ideal for removing paint from an automobile or boat because it will not pit the surface. A pressure blasting machine is used to spray walnut shell under pressure through a nozzle to clean a surface. Walnut shell is gentle enough to use in cosmetics as a common abrasive in face scrub.

Walnut shell for cleaning

  • Walnut shell has many industrial uses due to the soft but abrasive properties. Walnut shell is used to blast clean and polish most types of soft metals, glass, stone, plastic, fiberglass, and wood. Walnut shell can remove paint in a process comparable to sand blasting. It can be used on plastic, metal, alloy die casting, and electronics. It cleans automotive parts, aircraft engines and turbines. Walnut shells will restore steel, brick, stone, concrete and wood. It serves as a fine gem stone polisher when used in a tumbler.

How does walnut shell clean

  • Walnut shell is used in a pressure blasting machine. The pressure comes from either electricity that runs an air compressor or water. The machine forces the abrasive walnut shell under pressure through a hose with a nozzle. Walnut shell is sprayed at high pressure on the surface to be cleaned. If the walnut shell is kept clean it can be reused. There are several models of pressure blasting machines for sale or for rent. In a tumbler walnut shell is a polisher. With vibration applied it polishes and de-burrs many surfaces.


  • Walnut shell is used widely as a de-burring agent for electrical parts, molding and casting.

    De-burring is a method of finishing ragged edges, shavings, or particles from manufactured materials that are molded, cast, trimmed or sheared. Walnut shell is ground into several different grits. A variety of grits from extra fine to extra coarse make it adaptable to many uses and different industries.


  • Walnut shell as a blasting agent is ideal for Graffiti removal from buildings, bridges, and overpasses because it will not damage the original surface. Walnut shell removes paint and flaws in plastic or rubber molding using special equipment that vibrates the abrasive. It is a common replacement for sand in sand blasting because it won't pit surfaces like sand. Walnut shell is used for cleaning aircraft engines and steam turbines without causing any damage.

Practical applications

  • Abrasive paints are made with the grit of walnut shell and used for non-skid safety walks around swimming pools and nonslip stairs. Walnut is used as a filler or extender for resins, paints, plywood, ceramics and adhesives. In some cases it is used as filler in livestock feed. In addition walnut shell is nontoxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable and economical.

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