Seven-Day High Protein Diet


Seven-day high protein diets are usually used by those looking to gain muscle and decrease body fat. Dieters who are trying to lose weight also can find acceptable results from these types of diets as well. A healthy diet for weight loss should be well balanced and contain the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to remain healthy and reach a healthy weight.

Benefits of Seven-Day High Protein Diets

The high protein diet has become the latest craze in weight loss and muscle building in recent years. The health benefits of eating a diet that is high in lean protein are many. Protein is the fuel that the body uses to build muscle. Bodybuilders often increase the amount of protein in their diet so that they can gain more muscle mass. For someone who is looking to lose weight, more muscle means less fat on his body. The digestion of protein also requires the body to use more energy. This phenomenon is referred to as a thermic affect and it means that the body is burning calories just to digest your meals. Dieters also point out that protein diets are easier to maintain. Lean meats and other sources of protein allow the body to feel satiated and less hungry between meals. This allows dieters to stay on their weight loss diet longer to achieve the ideal goal. To lose a significant amount of weight, a seven-day diet can be the start of an even longer diet that is high in protein and low in fats and overprocessed foods.

Risks of High Protein Diets

Nutritionists warn of a diet that is too high in protein because of the stress that is created on the kidneys. Some even have pointed to kidney failure as the result of a diet that is too high in protein. There has not been any evidence of this fact but those who are suffering from kidney problems should avoid a high protein diet. A seven-day high protein diet is not likely to cause any significant health problems but you should always consult your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program. A full checkup will assure you that you are in good health to continue with your weight loss plans. Use caution when embarking on a high protein diet that will extend beyond seven days. Balance protein with fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats and whole grains.

Importance of a Balanced Diet

While a seven-day high protein diet can be a catalyst to a healthier lifestyle and get you off the ground running on a new weight loss plan, a well-balanced diet should be the ideal goal. Eliminate highly processed foods, sugars and bad fats such as saturated fats found in dairy, meat and animal products. Although certain fats are allowed in this diet, trans fats are a different type of unhealthy fat that should be cut out of your diet. A diet that contains six ounces of protein a day, along with fiber, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables and grains is a diet that will contribute to overall good health and a healthy weight loss.

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