Troubleshooting an HP Computer Microphone That Is Cutting Out

Troubleshooting an HP Computer Microphone That Is Cutting Out thumbnail
Most computer systems come with an internal microphone similar to this one.

Most Hewlett-Packard computer systems come with a microphone installed in the computer. The microphone can fail to record sound for many reasons that can be easily fixed on your own without bothering to contact a professional.

  1. Troubleshooting with Windows

    • If your computer runs either Windows Vista or Windows 7, it might be useful to run the Windows Troubleshooting program before you try to diagnose any further problems. Click the "Start" menu, enter "Troubleshooting" in the search field and then select it from the list. Next, select "Hardware and Sound," and select "Troubleshoot Audio Recording," then click "Next." Pick the device you would like to troubleshoot, and click "Next."

    Testing Your Computer's Microphone

    • Your computer's microphone is usually located around the top of the LCD display screen or near its bottom by the hinge.

      Adjust the notebook screen so that the microphone is in the best direction for receiving sound. Speak directly into the microphone, making sure not to turn your head away from it while speaking. Try to choose an environment with as little background noise as possible for recording.

      If none of these tactics help, check your microphone settings.

    Check Your Microphone Settings

    • Microphone Boost is a function that can cause noise to interfere with recording. Disabling it can help you to see if it is causing your recording problems.

      Right-click the "Sound" icon in the system taskbar. A drop-down menu will appear. Select "Recording Devices" from this menu. Select "Microphone." You should see an entry stating the microphone is working and showing a meter. Tap the microphone. If the meter does not register anything, if the meter isn't there or if the entry states that the microphone isn't working, follow these steps:

      Click "Properties" and then find the Microphone Properties window. Click "Levels" and make sure the microphone level is set to 100. Click the "Advanced" tab and make sure all the options are selected. Click "Apply," then click "OK."

    Update Audio Driver

    • If you are having problems with the microphone while speaking on an instant messenger program such as Skype or MSN Messenger, you may need to update your computer's audio driver, which is the software that explains to your computer how to use various programs. Go to Hewlett-Packard's website to find all of the drivers you should need for your model of computer (see References).

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