Sea Foam Fuel Treatment


Sea Foam, a versatile solvent available for decades to the general public, can help clean out an entire engine when used properly. From the fuel system to the oiling system to the valves themselves, Sea Foam can do it all in one easy application. Clean out your system effectively by learning the proper usage of this universal product.

The Fuel System

  • Pour a third of a brand-new can of Sea Foam into your gas tank right before an oil change. This amount will treat 9 to 10 gallons of fuel (2/3 of a tank on most cars, 1/3 to 1/2 a tank on most trucks and SUVs). Pouring Sea Foam into the fuel system will help clean the fuel pump, fuel filters and fuel injectors.

Crankcase Treating

  • Add another 1/3 of a can of Sea Foam to your engine oil, and drive the vehicle for 10 to 15 miles. Remember that Sea Foam is a solvent, so it will drastically thin your oil; keep an eye on engine temperature and oil pressure for the drive. Oil pressure will probably drop a little, but of your "Check Engine" light goes on or you observe a rise in engine temperature, shut down your vehicle immediately. When you get home, change the oil and marvel at how well your newly cleansed engine runs.

Intake Application

  • Pour the remaining 1/3 of a can into a cup, and start the car. Have an assistant hold your engine at a steady 2,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), and disconnect the thick rubber line that connects the intake manifold to your power-brake booster. (The location of this line will vary depending on your vehicle's make and model.) The engine willidle rough and drop off in RPM. If it stalls, immediately place your thumb over the open vacuum line after disconnection.

    Carefully lower the vacuum line into your cup of Sea Foam, and try not to have a heart attack when the engine tries to stall and your exhaust pipe begins to spew a foul-smelling white smoke screen—a normal occurrence during the procedure. Keep the rubber line slightly above the level of Sea Foam in your cup, allowing the engine to "slurp" it up gradually and completely. This may result in stalling, but keep at it.

    This type of intake application will dissolve a great deal of the carbon buildup on your valves. Though it may seem a little drastic, bear in mind that older engines commonly have more than 1/4 inch of carbon buildup on valves that only open 3/8 of an inch. It may take a few applications, but you will almost certainly see a quantifiable difference in power and fuel economy.

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