Instructions for Bluing


Laundry bluing is an environmentally safe, nontoxic product that will extend the life of your clothes, make white garments look whiter, brighten color fabric and assist in re-bluing faded jeans. Mrs. Stewart's Bluing claims the product will also whiten dulled hair on a pet, will ease the pain associated with bee stings and reduce algae growth in bird baths.


  • Instructions for using bluing always include diluting bluing in water before adding to the wash load as bluing will absorb into the clothing fibers, leaving spots on clothing. To begin, choose the size wash load and setting on the machine. Mrs. Stewart's Bluing website recommends that bluing not be used with bleach or fabric softener. Users are also discouraged from using the fabric softener dispenser to add the bluing. Use bluing in the wash cycle and do not soak clothes in bluing.

Mix Bluing with Water

  • Place the clothing in the machine and allow the washing machine to fill with water.

    Use an old 2-quart or gallon jug. Measure ¼ tsp. of bluing and pour in the jug. Use 1/8 tsp. if you are going to use bluing in the rinse cycle only. It will work in either cycle. Add 1 to 2 quarts cold water and mix the bluing.

Pour Into Washing Machine

  • Pour the mixed bluing into the wash water. The wash water should be a light blue color. High efficiency machines and front loading washers will use less water than standard washing machines, so the bluing will not be as diluted. Mrs. Stewart's recommends adding the bluing liquid mixture into a dispensing drawer after the machine has filled with water. If the drawer stays locked during the wash cycle, mix bluing as directed and pour as much bluing as you can in the largest drawer.

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