Homemade Leg Massager


Irritations in the nerves of the legs can be very painful. To relieve sciatic nerve pain, or muscle pain in your legs, sometimes you need a leg massager to help apply pressure to the nerves and muscles in that area. If you are suffering from aches and pains, and don't have a massager on hand, don't worry. You can easily make your own massager using household items.

Rolling Pin

  • A rolling pin is a great tool to use on your legs. Roll the pin up and down your leg, using the pin to apply pressure constantly on the nerve that is causing you pain. A simple rolling pin is ideal for pain on the soft parts of your leg, such as your calves and thighs; however, it can be slightly more painful on the bonier parts of your legs, such as your knees and ankles. To soften a rolling pin slightly, go to a craft store and purchase craft foam. Buy foam that is the same width of your rolling pin, and long enough that you can wrap it around the pin once. If you want an even softer massager, cover the rolling pin in several layers of foam. To add texture to the massager, super glue beads or stones onto the massager and then cover it in foam. This will create a deeper massage as you roll the pin up and down your legs.


  • A hairbrush acts as an excellent homemade massager. Use a hairbrush that has a rubber head and bristles, so that it is slightly softer. There are two ways to make your own massager from a hairbrush. You can use the bristles to your advantage, and cover them with fabric or foam so that they don't irritate your skin. The bristles will tickle and press into the muscles to give you a nice surface massage. For a deeper massage, remove the rubber part of the brush with the bristles. Glue a piece of foam into this area of the brush, and then use super glue or hot glue to attach round beads or marbles. Placing the beads on the foam will give the beads a little bit of movement when you use them to massage. Once the beads are secure, cover the head of the brush with foam or another type of soft fabric.

Paint Roller

  • A paint roller works well as a homemade massager because it is designed with a built in rolling capability. Use the paint roller and paint roller cover as a massager, or again, glue on beads or marbles to create a textured surface that will give you a beaded massage. Cover the paint roller cover with fabric so that the beads don't irritate your skin, and you have a fast, inexpensive massager.

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