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Taking care of your liver and spleen are crucial to your overall health—one easy way to care for both of these organs is through a diet that delivers the vitamins and nutrients they need. By caring for your liver and spleen with a healthy diet, you are ensuring that your body can continue to process nutrients that you need and get rid of the toxins you don't.

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The liver helps us to digest and metabolize the food we eat, making it arguably the most important organ in the body—if our liver fails, our bodies begin to fail, too. Therefore, natural and organic foods rich in antioxidants that will fight disease and toxins are best for the liver. Vegetables with rich colors such as carrots, spinach, peppers, broccoli, and beets contain loads of antioxidants and vitamins and are excellent for your liver's health and function. Vitamin B12 (found in lean proteins, milk, and eggs) and fiber (found in whole grain cereals and breads) also aid the work of the liver in digesting and metabolizing food. As you might assume, processed foods, foods that are high in fat, and alcohol are hard for the liver to process and get rid of, and therefore are damaging and can lead to liver function problems.

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The spleen is an organ that digests food and retrieves nutrients from that food to help your body maintain its strength and health. Good nutrition is key to a healthy spleen and should be taken seriously; in fact, Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the most important organ in our bodies. The best foods for the spleen are plain fruits and vegetables; proteins with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids; and plenty of water, as these foods are natural agents that the spleen can use to rid both itself—and the rest of the body—of toxins from substances such as tobacco and alcohol. A diet that is easy on the spleen should also avoid processed, fatty foods. Processed foods and foods that are rich in saturated fats—such as fried foods, pizza, etc.—contribute little to no nutrients or vitamins to the body, and therefore are simply waste that the spleen has to work hard to get rid of.

While Eastern medicine often recommends cooking foods, as cooked foods are easier for the spleen to digest and process, the most important thing you can do to aid your spleen, is to eat a diet of plain, organic foods with plenty of water to keep it hydrated.

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