Children's Fitness Exercises to Do at Home

Home is where young children learn all the basics for healthy living and healthy eating. Being a good example, by having an active lifestyle, is a great motivation for children to follow. According to the Mayo Clinic, kids from the ages of 6 to 17 need at least one hour a day of physical activity. Make all exercise activities a game, with or without competition. The exercises and activities will change as your kids get older.

  1. Family Affair

    • Make exercise a family affair. Plan fun things to do at home so you can be involved in exercise time. Purchase exercise videos geared towards kids for aerobics, calisthenics and yoga. Be sure to join your kids while exercising with the video when time permits, as it will also benefit you. Children love doing things with their parents, so start the exercise habit when they are very young.


    • Get a soft rubber ball and play catch, which is great for kid's hand-eye coordination. Play baseball with a plastic bat and rubber ball, which is suitable for very young kids. Set up hopscotch for the neighborhood kids to enjoy. Younger kids can ride their tricycles around the driveway for exercise. Have contests and offer small rewards for kids who can jump rope the most times. Take walks, ride bicycles and roller-blade with your kids when the weather permits.


    • Equipment for exercise at home does not have to be sophisticated or expensive. Buy some light free weights, jump ropes and exercise balls. All of these can be used inside the home. Exercise balls are great for posture, strength and coordination and are very versatile.

    Indoor Games

    • Set up milk cartons and use a rubber ball for a homemade bowling game, which is good for coordination and fun. Put on some music and let kids dance around making up all kinds of moves. Toss balloons or foam balls in the air, and play catch in the house.


    • Limit TV, video games and computer time by setting up a specific time per day for TV and computers. Encourage creative play and art projects after an exercise workout. Let your children pick out what exercises they want to do, as they will be more enthusiastic. Kids of all ages will love finding new games and fun things to do at home.

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