Testosterone Cypionate Injection Instructions


Testosterone cypionate injections are prescribed to individuals who lack the ability to produce endogenous testosterone naturally. In addition, they can be given to men suffering from either prostate or breast cancer. Below are instructions on how to administer the injection.

Doctor's Office

  • Head to your physician's office to have the injection administered in a sterile medical setting. Applying this injection outside a health care facility can lead to an overdose or the risk of infection due to a lack of sterility.


  • Your doctor will sterilize the area where the injection will be applied to prevent infection or complications due to unsanitary conditions.


  • The injection will be administered directly into a muscle, most likely into the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. Testosterone cypionate should never be injected intravenously as it can lead to serious complications or even death.


  • Your doctor will then bandage the injection site to prevent any outside bacteria from making its way into the open wound. You will be required to return for follow-up injections of dosages between 50 to 400 mg every two to four weeks to continue treatment.

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