What to Look for When Buying Bed Sheets


Shopping for bed sheets can be an intimidating process. It's typically one you don't go through often, which makes it difficult to develop a strategy to use. There are a few basic considerations to keep in mind while shopping: fabric, manufacturing techniques, weave, and thread count. Keep an eye out for these basics, remember your mattress size, and your shopping trip will be quicker and easier.

Fabric Choices

  • In this day and age, there is more than just one type of cotton to choose from while shopping for sheets. Egyptian cotton is still around, but now organic and Pima cotton have started to gain ground in the marketplace. Both Egyptian and Pima cotton are high quality, but Egyptian is finer and more porous. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, and better for those with allergies. Egyptian and Pima are typically softer than organic. You may also run into blended cotton sheets, which are warmer, but not as soft and durable in the wash.

Weave Types and Thread Count

  • The weave type of the fabric is another good indicator of how soft or tough the sheets will be on your bed. Sateen is common because it is extremely soft, but it is not very durable. Twill, which is also common, is typically cheaper and loved by those who hate wrinkles. It folds well and holds up in the wash. Pinpoint is a happy medium and softens after a number of washings. Keep the thread count in mind while looking through the weaves as well. The higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the sheets will be, regardless of the weave. Higher thread counts are often pricier.

Manufacturing Techniques

  • The way the sheets are processed is also a good characteristic to keep in mind when trying to find the perfect sheet set. Commonly, you will see jersey, compact, and flannel sheet types. Jersey sheets are knitted and do not have a thread count. They are incredibly soft, durable, and warm. Flannel sheets are not as soft, but they are a bit thicker and just as durable. Compact means that the fibers have been tightly bound together, and the sheets are therefore more wrinkle resistant and durable in the wash. All three types will keep you warm, but it's up to you to pick out the perfect style for your taste.

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