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RealPlayer is an audio/video playback and recording program available for a multitude of platforms including Windows and Mac. RealPlayer allows users to also listen to streaming music. The program is not without its share of problems and issues, such as failure to connect properly to its own server, videos and music not playing or stopping, and failure to accept its own updates and patches.

Server Problems

  • RealPlayer's failure to connect to its own server is one common problem. A related error involves getting the message "Check network transport settings or run auto-configure." Both these errors indicate a problem in the configuration settings of RealPlayer and your Internet connection. To solve these server issues, use RealPlayer's AutoConfigure function to set the connection configuration: Open RealPlayer, click "Option," and then click "Preferences." From the "Transport" tab, choose the option "Automatically select best transport." Click the "Auto Configure" button, and then click "OK."

Playback Issues

  • At times, you may run into playback issues with RealPlayer: It won't play a clip, it stops halfway through a clip or it shuts down completely. These issues are usually caused by a out-of-date video card driver. To solve such playback problems, make sure your video display is set to 16-bit color, and update your video card driver by accessing your computer manufacturer's website and searching for the correct driver. If you are running Windows Vista, copy your MOV files to your hard drive if your system has an IDE hard drive (this will not work with a SATA hard drive). You may also want to update your DirectX software and disable "Optimized Video" in RealPlayer from within the "Preferences" dialog, available through the "Tools" menu (change the "Video Card Compatibility" slider to the "Most Reliable" position).

DVD Burning Issues

  • RealPlayer sometimes fails to burn DVDs properly, rendering the discs useless. RealPlayer will generally display an error message about a failed DVD burn within the first five to 10 minutes of the process beginning. To solve this problem, check your DVD burning speed and lower it. Also, do not use a dual-layer disc, as RealPlayer can't burn to this type of disc. Other things to try: Ensure your system has at least 1 GB of RAM, do not run other programs while burning a DVD disc, and check that your system's hard drive is clear of temporary files and defragmented properly.

Failure to Update

  • Another RealPlayer error present in many versions of the program involves updates: You receive the error message "Software Update Required," but when you click to perform the update, the software tells you no update is available. This error usually occurs when you try to play a music or video clip that has an odd codec (compression/decompression) file. To solve this problem, obtain the codec by downloading it from the location where you obtained the clip or by contacting the manufacturer of the clip. Another solution that may help is to convert the music or video file to another format, such as MP3 or MPEG.

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