Cheap Way to Lock Garage Doors


As garages are places where cars, tools and a variety of other valuables you may have in storage are kept, it is important to be able to secure your garage with a lock of some kind that does its job but also inexpensive. As most garages also easily lead into the house itself, the security of the garage is more or less an extension of home safety and security, even though heavier locks or a security system may monitor the house itself and not the garage.

Master Lock

The cheapest way to lock the garage door and one that might still be the most efficient is simply installing a large sliding latch on the front of the garage with a hole in it that you can put a Master Lock or some other thick steel lock through. While these locks can be cut with specific lock cutter, those lock cutters aren't terribly easy to obtain and cutting those locks takes some strength and a bit of conspicuous action. If one lock doesn't seem like enough, two or three more won't take much more time to install. And the set-up for each shouldn't cost more then $20, depending on the size of lock you use.

T-Handle Lock

T locks are located in the middle of the metal garage door. These locks are efficient as they can't simply be cut and are only able to be opened by whoever has a key to them. These must be installed and used with a swivel lock handle or a locking hub, which means holes and other hardware should already have been installed or will have to be installed to make this lock work. At around $10 it's a good deal and installation isn't terribly complicated. However, these locks can be prone to breaking, so it might be worth spending a bit more money on the highest end T-lock if this is how you want to lock your garage.

Garage Door Opener Lock

Master Lock recently released a gadget that reads your finger or thumbprint and up to 20 other people's that you authorize to open your automatic garage door. This device works in minus 33 degrees F all the way up 122 degrees F and will survive in wet weather as well. However, as with any wireless piece of technology, there may be some troubleshooting problems. The preferred way of opening, closing and securing a garage door automatically is with one of the old-fashioned garage door openers, which actually offer an excellent form of security, as a machine is keeping the door securely closed. The Master Lock hardware runs about $130 per device, but an older model automatic garage door opener can probably be found for much cheaper.

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