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Whether you plan to enter the costume class at your next horse show or just make a sensation trick or treating around the neighborhood, dressing your horse up in a creative costume is a great way to get noticed. There are a number of unique horse costumes that are also quite easy to make, so you shouldn't let a perceived lack of money or sewing skills get in the way.

Create Your Own Fire-Breathing Dragon

  • If you have always dreamed of riding a fire-breathing dragon through the castle walls you can do the next best thing by transforming your favorite mount into a green and scaly dragon. This costume is easy to make, and chances are you already have most of the materials in your barn. Just start with a green stable blanket or turnout sheet--other colors can work too but they will require a bit more work. Then head over to your local craft store and look for the largest package of green sequins you can find. These green sequins will be the "scales" for your equine dragon. Carefully glue those sequin scales onto the blanket and allow the glue to dry. You can do the same thing with a horse hood to complete the look. For a fire breathing effect you can use a piece of white construction paper and paint orange "flames" on it. Or you could just buy a set of those popular flame effect decals from your local automotive store. You can also create a scaly tail for your dragon with construction paper, foam or similar sturdy materials.

A Homemade Zebra

  • A zebra costume is perhaps the easiest horse costume to make. All you will need is a white turnout sheet, a white horse hood and some black paint. Simply paint black stripes on the turnout sheet and the hood, put them on your horse and you will have an instant zebra. Use white leg wraps painted with black stripes to complete the look. You can use the same concept to create your own tiger or leopard as well.

Instant Sheep

  • One of the most creative--and most adorable--horse costumes is the instant sheep. This costume is a perfect choice for those cute little Shetland ponies, but it can work on a larger horse as well. To make your instant sheep simply start with any color turnout sheet or horse blanket, then carefully glue cotton balls across the entire surface. If you are lucky enough to have a white horse you may not need to do anything else to complete the look. If your horse is a darker color covering a full horse hood with cotton balls can complete the look and give you an adorable sheep for the Halloween parade or costume class. Even better this costume will not break the bank--all you need is a sheet or blanket you probably already have and a couple boxes of cotton balls.

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