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For most people, the stomach is one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to weight gain. It seems that fat loves to settle right in your core, and it’s very difficult to get rid of. A common misconception of body fat is that doing hundreds of crunches is the only way to get a flat stomach. However, the way you live contributes to your stomach, from your diet, eating habits and even the way you care for your body.


The things you eat play a major role in how your body stores belly fat. Of course, it is important to eat a healthy diet that is low in fat, but there are also foods you can eat that will help you decrease belly fat.

Green tea is one food that is credited with reducing body fat. Green tea speeds up your body’s processing of food, especially when paired with the proper amount of exercise. Not only is green tea good for weight loss, but it also contains powerful antioxidants that reduce your risk for cancer and decreases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which prevents diabetes.

Whole grains and fiber also play a major role in reducing belly fat. These foods contain high amounts of fiber, which help the body digest fat and calories fast and flush them out of the body before they can settle in your midsection.

When fighting the battle against belly fat, it’s important to not cut fat completely out of your diet. There are good fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, that provide the body with energy and regulate blood pressure, heart rate and the nervous system. Good fats are found in nuts, avocados, soy and fish. Finally, avoid foods that are high in saturated fats, sugar and cholesterol because those are the main culprits of belly fat.

Eating Habits

It’s not only what you eat, but also how you eat that helps you get a flat stomach. Remember to eat slowly so that your body has time to digest food as you’re eating. Also, it is better to eat small portions throughout the day as opposed to eating only three large meals a day. When you eat, your metabolism jumps into action to begin burning fat. By separating your meals into smaller, mini-meals, your metabolism is constantly forced to keep working, meaning that it is constantly burning fat while you are eating.

Body Care

The way you care for your body plays a major role in how your body burns fat. Not getting enough sleep is a major cause of increased body fat. Research has shown that lack of sleep greatly affects the two hormones that are responsible for hunger, ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is the hormone that tells the brain that it is hungry, and leptin is the hormone that tells the body it is full. When you are tired, your ghrelin levels increase and your leptin levels decrease, meaning that you always feel hungry and never feel satisfied.

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