Rules of Solitaire


The card game solitaire, which is also sometimes called Patience, probably originated in Germany or Scandinavia. The first mention of it in writing is in a German book of card games from 1738. There are actually many versions of solitaire, but the version that is played most often is Klondike.


  • Deal 28 of the 52 cards in the deck into 7 piles side by side. The first pile will have one card, the second pile will have two cards and so on until the seventh pile has seven cards. These are called the tableau. The cards should all be face-down except for the top card. The remaining cards are the stock pile, from which you'll draw. Above and to the right will be the foundation piles. They don't exist yet.


  • Move all of the cards into the foundation piles in order to win solitaire. Only the card on the top of the stock pile or the cards on the top of the tableau cards can be moved. Each foundation pile will be made of cards that are the same suit and they must be placed in the foundation pile in numerical order starting with the ace. For example, in the hearts foundation pile the ace of hearts must be placed first, the two of hearts must be placed second, the three of hearts must be placed third and so on until the king of hearts finishes the pile.


  • The card on the top of the tableau can be moved to the foundation pile or they can be moved to another tableau card. A card from the tableau pile can only be placed on a card in another tableau card if the card it is placed on is the opposite color and one number higher. For example, the seven of spades can be put on the eight of hearts, but cannot be placed on the six of hearts or the eight of clubs. Once the top card on a tableau card has been moved, the card underneath it can be turned over. If a tableau pile is empty, any face card can be moved to the empty space.

Stock Pile

  • Flip over the top three cards from the stock pile, but only play the card that is face-up. You can play it on the foundation or the tableau. If it can be played, then the card that was below it is available to be played and so on. If the top card in the stock pile cannot be played, flip over three more cards.


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