Egyptian Crafts for Kids

Creating crafts can be a good way to teach your kids about different cultures and can help them to express themselves creatively and artistically. There are many different websites that can provide you with craft ideas and templates. Ancient Egypt is a fascinating theme to use to teach your kids about aspects of world history. There are many different facets of ancient Egyptian culture that can provide some unique crafting experiences.

  1. Simple and Inexpensive Crafts

    • There are some quick and simple Egyptian crafts that you can create with articles you probably already have at your home or that can be purchased at a very low cost. One such craft is the "Egyptian Sand Drawing" craft that simulates drawings on sandy walls and stones. This project really only has two components: sand paper, and crayons. Allowing your child to draw Egyptian-themed pictures (like palms trees, pyramids, camels, and other desert-themed items) on the sand paper will give them a fun canvass to be artistic and might also remind them of the sands of Egypt.

      Another clever craft that won't break the bank is the "TP Mummy Craft." This is a great way to make use of empty toilet paper rolls. This project uses empty toilet paper rolls, glue, a printable template, and strips of bandage or gauze. The craft is created by wrapping the bandages or gauze around the toilet paper roll to simulate a "wrapped mummy" and then cutting out the different body parts on the template. They can then be glued onto the toilet paper roll in the appropriate places.

      Something fun to do with your kids that only requires paper and a pencil is making your own "hieroglyphics." Hieroglyphics are symbols that were used in ancient Egyptian times--try to think of them as the Egyptian 'alphabet'. It can be fun for kids to write out their names in hieroglyphics or even create secret messages they can share with their friends and others. For a view of hieroglyphics and the "letters" they can be translated into see the resource link below. There is even a link that will translate your kids' names into hieroglyphics for you.

    Craft Kits

    • Assembling crafts can require a lot of different materials and it can be difficult and expensive to collect them all. A good alternative is to purchase a craft kit that contains all of the necessary materials and instructions to create certain crafts. There are Egyptian craft kits on the market that contain different craft ideas like painting pre-made sarcophagi (an ancient form of funereal container made of stone), creating origami Egyptian structures, and other creative crafts.

    Egyptian Clothes and Paper Jewelry

    • Dress-up can be a fun way to create crafts and teach your children about what ancient Egyptian peoples wore during that era. There are many websites that offer templates that can be printed out and cut out to fashion as costume jewelry. There are also a few projects online that can help you to put together an entire Egyptian outfit. See reference below for some examples.

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