The Best Gas Mileage Motorcycles


The trick to finding a motorcycle with the best gas mileage for your needs and preferences is to blend the acceleration abilities of the engine you seek from a bike with the lowest engine model available to accomplish this goal. Motorcycles fall into the categories of cruisers or sport bikes. The best gas mileage motorcycles have 250cc or less in most cases. Keep in mind if you get an engine with more power that gets roughly the same amount of gas mileage, you may be giving up lower maintenance costs over the life of the bike.


  • Cruisers allow the rider to sit straight up as they travel. They are designed for sustained road trips without causing too much discomfort to the riders back.

    The Kawasaki 125cc Eliminator is more notably a beginner bike because of its features and ease of use for the new rider. The "cc" refers to how much volume of fuel and water in cubic centimeters the engine chamber can hold. The higher the number, the more fuel mixture the engine chamber can contain, meaning the bike is more powerful and can accelerate faster than ones with smaller volume.

    More experienced riders sometimes opt for the Kawasaki Eliminator because of its gas mileage, which comes in between 60 to 70 mpg. It doesn't go fast enough to be on the freeway yet has enough horsepower in it to travel sustained distances at a comfortable 45 mph. This bike definitely trades freeway handling for gas mileage and longer range slower commuting. It's a good bike for both inner city commuting and lazy afternoon cruises around paved back hill roads. The prices is around $2700.00.

    The Hyosung Aquila GV 250cc also gets a surprising 60 to 70 mpg yet is designed for sustained speeds of 60 to 65 mph. It was built for all types of riding on paved roads, including freeways. It weighs more than the Kawasaki 125cc Eliminator and gets its best gas mileage during inner city riding. The faster it goes, the less gas mileage the rider can anticipate. The gas mileage is the same but only because of the way the engine is designed. The price is around $3700.00.

Sport Bikes

  • Sport bikes allow the rider to lean more over the gas tank in a crouched forward position while riding. These bikes are designed specifically for speed, performance, and professional racing.

    The Kawasaki Ninja 250cc also runs about 60 mpg. It doesn't generally get more because it accelerates so quickly. This bike is popular for its sleek, sporty bodylines and riders typically favor this style of bike for its performance handling, especially around curves. This model happens to also be popular with professional stunt riders. Some riders note that the back begins to get uncomfortable on in longer distances because of the riding position. The price is around $3000.00.

    This line of bikes also offer a bigger engine choice in a 600cc but the gas mileage initially is not as good. Some riders have had their 600cc bike tuned for better fuel efficiency but this is not common.

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