Optimax Fuel Injector Cleaning


Optimax motors are popular outboard engines fitted on power boats. These are available in two-stroke as well as four-stroke and also come with a control module, which is digital, that precisely controls the process of fuel combustion. The fuel injectors in the engine push fuel into the combustion chamber at high pressures in the form of a spray; this causes an immediate and total fuel burn, thus giving more power and reducing leftover pollutants. The injectors are to be kept in good shape to get the maximum from the engine.

The Importance of Injector Cleaning

  • Optimax fuel injector cleaning forms an important role in the maintenance of your outboard motor. The injectors are the components most used in the motor and therefore have to be kept clean.

    A clogged injector will reduce the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber, and it will result in the horsepower reducing dramatically. The loss of horsepower will reduce the maximum speed the boat is otherwise capable of achieving. The mileage per gallon of fuel will also get reduced, and an unattended fuel injector can also cause the engine to fail. The optimum performance of the motor will depend on a clean set of properly calibrated fuel injectors.

Recognize the Warning Signs

  • There are various symptoms that can be used to tell whether the fuel injectors need cleaning or not. If the motor has a smart gauge, and an "injector fault" message is displayed, there is a possibility of clogging. Sometimes it can be the plugs that have worn out and need replacing. Replaced these plugs after 100 hours of use to avoid a possibility of seriously damaging the injectors.

    Look for reduced speed capacity and an increase in the fuel consumption. Sometimes when the injectors are clogged, the spark plug will also foul up and have a coating of carbon on the pin. Clean the injectors once each boating season to prevent this carbon buildup.

Cleaning the Fuel Injectors

  • Optimax fuel injector cleaning can be done by a fuel injection cleaning kit. Cleaning the fuel injectors is a complex procedure and should not be attempted with a kit if one has never done it before.

    Professional technicians can also clean fuel injectors ultrasonically, immersing them in certain solutions. The cleaning process will flush out all the contaminants that were obstructing the fuel flow.

    A cheaper alternative is a pour-in cleaning method. A specially formulated solution is poured into an empty gas tank prior to filling. The solution contains special detergents and enzymes that will clean the fuel injectors. You may need to repeat this process frequently to do an adequate job.

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