Samsung LCD TV Repair Tips


Samsung is known for producing high-quality LCD televisions with excellent imaging and sound. Unfortunately, LCD televisions, like all electronics, are subject to problems on occasion. Common Samsung LCD problems include a television with sound but no picture, sometimes due to a faulty power supply. Although these problems can be difficult to fix by yourself, it is sometimes possible to extend your television's warranty by contacting Samsung.

Diagnosing and Fixing A TV With No Picture

  • Problems can often occur with even relatively new Samsung LCD TVs. Some customers report their screen going black shortly after turning on the television, even though the TV's speakers continue to produce sound. You can test and rule out a number of things before concluding that your TV has a hardware defect.

    First, check the input settings of your television. Often, users will experience a dark screen when first turning on their television if the selected input corresponds with a turned-off or unplugged input, such as a gaming system or DVD player. If the problem persists, try reconnecting all cables on the back or sides of the television. It's possible that one of your cables has gone dead. If you have access to other cables, try swapping these in and see if the problem persists. Some customers report that turning the television off and unplugging it for an extended period of time, up to 24 hours, can fix the black-screen issue.

Power Supply Issues

  • If you've tried all of these suggestions and problems persist, it's possible that the power supply inside the television is defective or broken. The power supply for most Samsung LCD televisions will cost around $150, with labor costs of around $250. Unless you have a fair amount of TV repair expertise, this is probably not the sort of repair you'd want to attempt yourself. Also be aware that occasionally, especially with older television models, the part you need might be out of stock. Getting a back-ordered part shipped to you or your local repair shop could take up to a month.

Warranty Information

  • If you register your Samsung LCD TV online, your standard one-year warranty may be subject to a three-month extension. Be sure to save your bill of sale; Samsung might ask you to send them a faxed copy of it when you ask for your warranty extension. If your television is still within its warranty period, it's probably best to contact Samsung and ask for a replacement television, or a professional repair service. Problems that fix themselves may crop up and become permanent over time, and you don't want to be stuck with a costly repair outside of your warranty period.

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