Bread Dough Crafts


Salt bread dough is an easy, inexpensive craft medium that can be made with items from your kitchen. If you are artistic, you can make detailed ornamentation. However, it is also a great medium for children's crafts. With a few hints, you will be on your way to learning new skills.


  • Salt bread dough is made from flour, salt and water. Knead the dough until it is smooth and pliable. Knead until there are no visible salt crystals. A very fine pickling salt will dissolve more easily, but table salt is also fine. To get really white dough, add dry white tempera paint. For the best results with other colors, use baker's paste food coloring; however, colored dry tempera paint can also be used. Make smaller amounts of dough in different colors. Make only the amount of dough you'll be using in one sitting because it doesn't keep well. But when not in use, keep your dough in a covered plastic container or zip-lock plastic bags to keep it from drying out.


  • Ornaments are the most popular item made with salt bread dough. Roll the dough out with your rolling pin and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes. Use plain dough then apply acrylic paints after it is baked. Use a garlic press to make embellishments. For example, with a Christmas tree or wreath shape, use a paintbrush to lightly wet the top of the dough form. Run green salt dough through your garlic press and scrape it off with a plastic butter knife. The dough will stick to the knife so you can transfer it to the tree or wreath. The garlic press dough looks like pine. Make a worm-shape out of red dough. Flatten it and fashion a bow for the top of the tree or wreath. Form a hole at the top of the ornament to insert a wire hanger. Or press an open paper clip into the dough at the top of the ornament before baking. After baking, your ornaments will look a bit dull. The acrylic paint and plain or colored bread dough will benefit from a coat of clear polyurethane spray. This will make the colors bright and shiny. It will also seal the ornament, so it will last for many years.


  • A pendant can be made in the same manner as the cookie cutter ornaments. If you prefer a charm-sized jewelry piece, buy small cookie cutters. Beads can be made by forming sphere-shaped dough, then running a wood or metal skewer through the middle. When you add the half paper clip to the top of your pendant, make sure the loop can be seen from the side, not the front. The side view will allow you to add it to a string of beads and still have the pendant face forward. Spray your pendants and beads with a clear polyurethane spray.

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