Good Things to Write in High School Yearbooks


Everyone looks forward to their high school yearbook, although students do not always know what's appropriate to write in the books. There are several tried and true suggestions for what to write in a high school yearbook.

Wishes for Success

  • No matter what opinion you have about a person when signing his yearbook, always make positive wishes for success. You can make general statements such as "good luck next year in college," or be more specific if you know the person.

Positive Memories of High School

  • It is always a good idea to keep high school yearbook memories positive. The night you and a buddy got drunk may not be what you want to remember about the relationship in the future. An alternative might be to remember a wonderful dance, or a great ballgame you went to. Be sure to leave brief details about the event, so years later the reader will remember. For example, "last Friday's game was great" may not trigger memories years later, but adding "last Friday's game was great. It was our only perfect game" should trigger fond memories in years to come.

Uplifting Statements About the Person

  • People tend to mention silly things in yearbooks, but a better altenative is to make an uplifting statement. What you consider a joke may not be funny to the person whose yearbook you write in. By making uplifting statements, the person will have positive memories. A statement such as "I will always remember how you are a leader for our class" will create a positive, uplifting feeling when read years later.

Good Memories of Teachers or Classes

  • A positive topic to write about when sigining someone's yearbook is a good memory of a teacher: "Mr. Smith always had us cracking up with his jokes." In addition, you can comment about a particular class you both attended. A comment about a class might read, "I think we got more flour on the floor than in the pans in Home Ec class."

Final Thoughts

  • These are a few suggestions that might make reading your yearbook and taking a walk down memory lane more memorable and positive. Be creative, write positive anecdotes and write topics that will not be a future embarassment to either you or the reader when remembering high school years.


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