Lexmark Inkjet Printer Paper Feed Problems


Lexmark is a manufacturer of inkjet printers designed for home and small business use. The company has a variety of printers for both PC and Mac platforms. The printers are inexpensive, bundled with one free ink cartridge and a compact disc containing drivers and utility programs. Lexmark printers do have their share of problems, including paper feed problems like jamming, not pulling paper through and printing documents on an angle.

Paper Jams

  • One common paper feed problem related to Lexmark printers is a paper jam deep inside the printer. Usually this happens immediately after another piece of paper has jammed the printer. The first sheet of paper leaves behind a small torn piece of paper inside the printer. When you print another document, the next piece of paper hits the smaller piece of paper inside the printer. So, you can't print until you find the small piece of paper. To solve this problem, turn off the printer, open the front cover and look under the rollers and flap doors for the piece of paper. You may have to use something flat like a thin piece of cardboard to stick in between the flap doors to remove the paper. Once the piece of paper has been removed, turn the printer back on and resend your document to the printer.

Paper Won't Feed

  • Another common paper feed problem related to Lexmark printers is that once you send a document to the printer, the paper will not feed into the printer at all. Check to make sure the paper is completely down in the printer's top paper tray. Also, check your paper guides---they should be pushed against the paper but not jammed into the paper. If the paper still won't feed, check to see if any paper is jammed inside the printer and/or replace the tires on the "pickup assembly" inside the printer.

Printing on an Angle

  • Documents being printed on an angle is yet another paper feed problem common to Lexmark printers. When you send the document to the printer, the paper feeds through the printer and doesn't jam, but you notice that the finished document is printed on a slight angle. This problem is mechanical. The printer has only one pinch roller on the right side of the printer inside. When the motor inside the printer pulls the paper, the paper guide on the right side doesn't help keep the paper aligned. It doesn't matter how much paper you place in the printer, the problem can't be resolved. Try loading less paper and printing again.


  • To help prevent some of the paper feed problems related to Lexmark printers, make sure you buy paper that is recommended for inkjet printers. Also, do not force paper when loading into the paper tray; push the paper guides to the side of the paper, not into the paper; load only a few sheets of paper at a time; use a can of compressed air to blow out dust and paper fragments; and load envelopes vertically against the right side of the sheet feeder.

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