Homemade Gymnastic Rings


Gymnastics rings used to be a fixture in most gyms, but they have been phased out in favor of safer and more proven equipment as the rings can cause injuries to people who don't know how to train on them. Yet for those who feel comfortable giving them a shot or have dreams of trying out for the Olympic gymnastics team one day, you can construct your own homemade hymnastics rings out of household items and a little bit of elbow grease--though you might want to save some of that for the ring training itself.

PVC Rings

  • By taking weaved nylon rope that is at least 3/4 of an inch thick and running it through PVC elbows, you can easily create rings. Knot the rope at the opening of each elbow to finish the ring and then run the longer end to a string support like a ceiling beam or a well-secured bar that can support all of your weight (and then some). This will probably cost you $15 to $20 total. Make sure you buy excess rope so you can have a bit of trial and error when constructing the rings.

Lock and Chain Rings

  • Even simpler and cheaper still, six-inch purse rings can be bought from hardware and sporting supply stores and can be attached securely to a ceiling beam or bar that can safely support your weight with chains and locks. Simply buy an equal amount of chain link for each ring and a strong master lock to lock the chain to each of the rings. While this might be noisy and painful if you decide to flip and wrap it around your arms, it will be just as secure, if not more secure then nylon rope. And what's better, you can move the lock and chain rings to another location with out having to cut or untie anything. You simply unlock it.

Noose Rings

  • If you can tie a good noose, tie two. Buy a long amount of thick, heavy duty rope and tie two nooses of equal length so that the noose loops form rope rings for you to hold onto with each hand. Wrap the nooses with electrical or gaffer's tape so that it is soft on your hands and you efficiently flip and spin your palms end over end without hurting or burning them. While these rings won't maintain the stiffness of professional rings, which will make it more difficult to do your exercises initially, they are actually more difficult to train on, making the real, professional rings seem easier when you actually get to use them in competition.

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