Juice Detox to Quit Smoking


Smoking introduces harmful toxins of nicotine and carbon monoxide into your body. Over time and with increased frequency, the toxins accumulate in your body, posing harmful effects to your vital organs and particularly, the proper functioning of your lungs. Juice detoxing removes toxins from your body, the chemical that initiates cravings for smoking, while strengthening the vital organs. Fruit and vegetable juices reduce the body's energy needed for digestion so that energy can be utilized in toxin removal.

Orange, tomato, kiwi and grapefruit juice
Orange, tomato, kiwi and grapefruit juice (Image: pilipphoto/iStock/Getty Images)

Juice Detox

To quit smoking through juice detox requires ingesting only juices of fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water. Use only organic fruits and vegetables when possible to prevent ingestion of pesticide and chemicals. As an alternative to organic produce, use a nontoxic produce wash or peel the skin before juicing.

While on the juice detox, consume whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables for meals.

Drink a combination of a variety of fruits and vegetables to receive detoxifying benefits that each fruit or vegetable offers. Continue the juice detox as long as necessary, but with caution of feelings of weakness or faintness in which case you should discontinue. The best produce to juice are those containing high amounts of chlorophyll which includes celery, spinach, kale, cabbage. Apples are also good as it contains pectin needed to eliminate waste. Chlorophyll-rich produce flushes toxins from the body and circulates the blood throughout the body. Drink juice of equal quantities of apple and celery. This combination is useful in detoxifying the intestines, liver and kidneys. To cleanse the small intestine, drink fresh pineapple juice. Particularly useful for smokers, is drinking carrot juice which helps cleanse the lungs. To initiate detox and cleansing of the liver, drink 1/2 cup lemon juice to 1 cup water. Beet, carrot and cabbage juice is useful to cleanse the lungs and toxins from the liver and bloodstream. Do not use more than a 1/4 beet when juicing.

Throughout the detox, continue drinking eight glasses of water to encourage removal of toxins.

Carrot juice and carrots
Carrot juice and carrots (Image: Larisa Lofitskaya/iStock/Getty Images)

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