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Punk rock isn't just a musical genre. It's a lifestyle. Similar to hip-hop in terms of music inspiring an entire subculture, punk rock is not only evident in music, but also in terms of fashion, lingo and, yes, hair styles. Dating back decades, punk rock hairstyles have helped shape the genre and lifestyle. Of course, punk rock hairstyles are not limited in scope, but instead, they're rather wide-ranging. Most styles are androgynous, though certain styles are more specific to men than women, and vice versa.

The Mohawk

  • Perhaps the most famous and defining of the punk movement, the Mohawk features mostly a shaved head, with a tuft of hair running up the middle of the scalp and down the back, approximately three to four inches in width. The Mohawk in itself features several sub-styles, including liberty spikes (long spikes of gelled hair that resemble the spikes on the Statue of Liberty), the beaver (shaved head, with a short, thick strip of hair running down the middle of the scalp and the glow hawk (Mohawk with brightly-dyed hair color). Some people even exercise the reverse Mohawk, in which a strip of hair is shaved down the middle of scalp, while the rest of the hair on the head remains.

Skate Punk

  • This style features the hair being cut asymmetrically, in varying lengths with spikes fashioned in certain spots with hair gel. The ends of the hair are styled to look tiny and cute, in part with bright neon colors. Blond dye jobs are also a sign of this hair style, which can sometimes be equated with the "emo" style of hair cut.

Death/Horror Punk

  • Similar in scope to "Goth" culture, this style features hair dyed in either black or blue color patterns. After dyeing is complete, spikes are made that resembled the Mohawk style and gives the appearance of "horns" on the head, a la the devil, hence the "death/horror" moniker.


  • More suitable to women, this style requires long hair to complete. This style features half of the hair dyed with light, varying color patterns. The other half, meanwhile, remains standard, presenting quite the stylistic contrast.


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