DIY Fairy Costume

Dressing as a fairy for Halloween, a costume party, or just for fun is a delightful and popular idea for kids and adults alike. Use a specific fairy theme, like woodland, spring or midnight to base your DIY costume on and bring your vision together. The more accents and baubles, the better in a fairy costume, or you can take inspiration from nature and cover your costume with flowers and leaves.

  1. Dresses

    • To make your own fairy dress or skirt, turn to existing clothing or make your own with the right materials. Search second-hand and thrift stores to find a dress with layers in the skirt, and cut it into petal shapes for a nature fairy look, or raggedy strips for a winter or autumn fairy. Construct a fairy skirt from layers of floaty tulle, silk flowers and ribbons. Simply add a dance or gymnastics leotard or even a swimsuit for the top, and spray the outfit with glitter, or stitch on a few bells, beads or even more ribbons. Add a corset-type bodice from the costume store, or cut down an old shirt or tank top to create one for another pretty layer.


    • Pick a type of fairy, such as garden, bird, musical, wind, rainbow, snow, water, or sunshine fairy to theme your costume on. Add ballet slippers, glittery makeup, wild hairspray and plenty of silk flowers or even fake snow in your hair. It's easy to make accessories with some matching ribbon, tulle and glitter. Make a flowery fairy bracelet with an elastic ponytail holder, a strip of fabric, silk flowers that match your fairy outfit, and some hot glue. Or, use a wooden dowel, more silk flowers, and some silky or metallic ribbons for a flower wand. Turn a dollar-store headband into a tiara with glue-on rhinestones, glitter, and more dangling ribbons and matching silk flowers. Add ribbony belts, leafy necklaces, a bouquet of leaves or flowers, or even knee-high boots sprayed with glitter. Barbaric-looking upper arm bracelets with flowing ribbons are great for fairy costumes, as are strappy sandals with striped stockings for a modern, grownup fairy look.


    • Fairy wings are the key to any great homemade fairy costume. For small kids, use wire clothes hangers for the wire base, but for larger kids or adults, you're better off with a roll of craft wire. If you're using clothes hangers, you'll need one for each wing. Unbend them so they form a roughly oval shape. Leave the hook part intact if you are in a hurry or it's very tightly twisted. Pinch the wire at the middle of the oval for a basic heart-shaped wing, or use pliers to pull and twist the wire into a more complicated butterfly-type wing. When using a roll of wire, it will start out in a coiled shape, which you can use to your advantage. For adults, use about 16 feet of wire, or for older children, slightly less, about 12 feet. Find the halfway point of the coil and bend it over so that there are two sections with a loop between. Then straighten out a wing shape from about a foot up on the wire, and leave the rest to spiral like a butterfly antenna, or, if desired, make a double wing shape with the top part as well. For more support, use a small piece of wire to connect the upper halves and stabilize the wings. Encase the wire wings in colored or lace pantyhose, or wrap them in sheer fabric if you are handy with a needle. Tie ribbons to each side so the wings can be worn over the shoulders. You can also hot-glue a color-coordinating boa along the edges if you want feathery fairy wings.

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