Skin Repair Cream Remedies


Homemade skin repair remedies do not have to be complicated. With a little effort, you can make your own skin repair creams to remedy nearly any skin condition. Some basic ingredients, many of which may already be in your kitchen, can repair minor skin complaints such as oily skin, acne, dry skin and wrinkles. And the simplest skin repair remedy, which is at your fingertips, is a healthier lifestyle.

Start Inside and Work Out

Though it is simple to do, it may not be easy for many of us to make the lifestyle changes which will guarantee healthy skin, and make skin repair a simple matter. First, alcohol and caffeine deplete your body, and skin, of the basic nutrients they need to repair themselves. In order to repair skin, you need to start with eliminating these culprits. Second, ingesting enough vitamins and minerals in order to allow your body to repair itself is essential. Five servings of fruits and vegetables, and eating very few processed foods is where to start. Exercise and learning relaxation techniques are also important to skin repair. Your body wants to repair itself, it just needs the time, space and basic ingredients to do it.

Start With Base Oils

Although making dietary and lifestyle changes is simple to do, we all fall short of a perfect, healthy lifestyle. Creams and ointments you can make yourself can help repair your skin. Start with the right carrier (or base) oils for your skin condition. Sesame oil is a good, light oil with many vitamins. It absorbs fairly quickly into your skin. This oil is not the refined oil used in Chinese cooking, but the lighter colored cold pressed oil found in health food stores. Another good carrier oil which will infuse your skin with the right fatty acids and vitamins is coconut oil. It smells strongly of coconut, is fairly greasy, and does not absorb quickly into the skin. It works well overnight or anytime you can stand to be greasy and smell like coconut for hours. Wheat germ oil works well for severe rashes and eliminating scar tissue. It smells very strong and is greasy, though it does absorb more quickly than coconut oil. Olive oil is a popular choice as a carrier oil because of its high vitamin E content, but it does smell strongly. Perhaps the best generic base oil is sweet almond oil, which is a good, basic oil, not strongly scented and tolerated by most people. This is the oil perhaps most favored by massage therapists as their base oil.

Scar Repair

To remove scars naturally, try massaging either wheat germ oil or vitamin E oil directly on the scar for 3 minutes, once a day. This method is safe and effective. Wheat germ oil and vitamin E oil can both be purchased in capsule form from a natural food store. You then break open a capsule and apply it to your scar. Try this for acne scars on the face, or other blemishes on the face.

Wrinkle Repair Creams

Wrinkle treatments do not have to be expensive. You face needs an extra boost as it ages, but the substances it needs can be found in your kitchen. Coconut oil, applied at night, can make wrinkles visibly shrink if used regularly for several weeks. Adding 2 drops of frankincense essential oil to 50 ml coconut oil may have an extra wrinkle reducing effect.
Making a creamy mask of pure, raw honey mixed with matcha tea and a coconut oil base. (matcha is the pure, powdered Japanese tea found in specialty tea shops) and left on your face for 20 minutes once a week will greatly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and is a good choice for weekly use and if you need an immediate effect for a night out or special occasion.

Discoloration Repair

For discoloration, try sesame oil as your base oil. Adding mashed papaya to the sesame oil is an ayurvedic recipe that works. Mix ½ cup of mashed papaya to 1 cup cold pressed sesame oil and strain. Apply to the discolored skin nightly. ¼ cup ground almonds and 3 tbs. lemon juice added to sesame oil as a cream, and left on the face for 20 minutes also works well.

Sun Burn Repair

The best sun burn repair cream is actually a gel. The aloe vera plant provides superior relief from sun burn. The best method for accessing this gel is from your own plant. If you cannot keep an aloe vera plant, do make certain that the aloe vera you buy is pure. The best way to ensure this is to buy it from a natural food or health store.

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