Different Hair Cuts for Long Hair

There are many different hair cuts for long hair. The long length allows so much variety in your look that you can almost wear a different hairstyle for each day of the year. Long tresses, however, mean there is more hair to damage and break. Any great hairstyle must start off with healthy cut. Proper care and regular trimming are vital to maintaining hair health.

  1. Long Hair Cuts

    • There are three different primary cuts used to trim the ends of long hair. The first cut is straight across to create an even line. The second cut is a soft oval that creates a gentle line from the long hair in the middle of the back to the slightly shorter hair at the sides. The third cut is a sharp "V" that cuts the hair at the middle of the back long with an angled line leading to the shorter side hair. Your choice of bang and layering styles can be combined with these three primary cuts to create an assortment of styles.

      If you want a simple and sweet style, have your long hair trimmed with a straight cut. Add some short and blunt bangs across your forehead from ear to ear. If you want something a little more whimsical, use the straight cut on your long hair and pair it with some inverted oval bangs. These bangs are shorter at the middle of the forehead than they are at the sides. The bangs continue to get longer the closer they get to the ears.

      For a natural style, try a simple oval cut without bangs, and you can just let your hair flow free. If you want something that feels flirty, try having your long hair cut in a soft oval at the ends and add some lightly feathered layers that help frame the face. Pair the cut with gently side-swept bangs. To add some definition to the style, try the oval cut with heavy layering around the entire head. Add some layered bangs that are long enough to be tucked behind the ears.

      If you want an ultra modern look, try cutting your long hair in a "V" shape at the ends. Keep the hair one layer and cut the bangs in a short, straight line across the forehead. To soften the "V" cut, try adding a little layering in the same "V" shape. Pair the style with some very long and lightly layered bangs.

    Long Hair Care

    • To keep your long hair healthy, you need to care for it properly. Long hair tends to get dry and brittle rather easily, even if the hair near your scalp is oily. Always use moisturizing conditioner on your hair to help hydrate it. You don't need to use the conditioner on the top of your hair if it's oily, but do use it on the ends. After rinsing the conditioner from your hair, use cool water as a second rinse. The cool water will help close the hair cuticles, making the strands strong and shiny.

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