Short Over 40 Women's Hairstyles

Women who are over 40 face a bit of a conundrum when it comes to finding the right hairstyle. They want a style that conveys the fact that they've moved past their twenties, yet they also want a style that makes them look beautiful and youthful. Three classic short hairstyles for women are good choices for those who have hit the 40-year mark.

  1. Bob

    • Cut your hair into a bob. This classic hairstyle never goes out of fashion and works with all face types. You can choose how you want the bob to look. For example, the classic bob includes bangs, but you can choose not to have them if your hair is wavy or thick. The bob traditionally is cut around chin length, but your bob can be a little longer or shorter, depending on your hair type and what you want to do in terms of styling. To take care of this look, if you have straight hair, try curling the ends under toward the chin as you blow your hair dry. If you have wavy or curly hair, try putting a little styling gel through it and teasing your curls out casually for a not-so-serious approach.

    Pixie Cut

    • Snip your locks into a short pixie cut. This look works best for those with thinner hair, but it can work on anyone. In this cut, the hair is cut until it is only one to three inches in length. If your hair is straight and you leave the hair a little longer, you can part your hair on the side and then bring some bangs to the opposite ear. If your hair has a little wave to it or is curly, then you can use styling gel to tease the hair into a messy, spiked do. Since the hair is so short in this look, you may find yourself going to the salon a bit more often, but it's worth it considering that the length of the hair translates into very low maintenance.


    • Frame your face with some layers. This look is best for women whose hair is straight. If you want to try this style, keep your hair just above shoulder length or higher. It's a good look for all occasions and times of day. Those with rounder faces may want to avoid this cut because it may make them look heavier than they really are due to the layers framing the face. Once you have the basic cut, you can either leave it natural for a formal look, or you can accessorize with some clips or a headband for a more casual style.

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