How Do I Get Squirrels Out of My House?


Squirrels love to live in the nice, warm houses that people build. Unfortunately, they can be quite loud. They also like to chew on things that people wish they wouldn't. Although they're cute when they're outside, once squirrels have invaded your space, they're not quite so lovable. Squirrels can be hard to get rid of once they have set up house, so you may find that you need the help of a pest control professional to get them out. Here are a few tips, however, for those who want to try to evict a squirrel on their own first.


  • Perhaps the best option for removing squirrels is to set up humane traps. If you know where the squirrels are getting in, set traps nearby and then remove the trapped animal somewhere away from the house. Set the traps inside if at all possible so you can be sure that the squirrels you catch are the same ones getting into your home. If you are unsure how the squirrels are getting in, place traps on your roof and around your home. This may not work as well, since traps placed outside your home or in random areas may catch the wrong squirrel.

One-Way Doors

  • Mounting one-way doors is another effective method of getting squirrels out of the house. Mount one-way doors around the hole that is providing the squirrel access into your home. These doors are similar in appearance to live traps. The difference is that, unlike a trap, the one-way door is open on one end. This allows the squirrel to climb out of the hole, but shuts a door behind him so that he can not get back in. The disadvantage of one-way doors is that you may separate a mother squirrel from her nest. If so, you will be faced with the unpleasant task of removing dead baby squirrels from your house.

And Stay Out!

  • One you have gotten squirrels out of your home, ensure they can not get back in. Put heavy mesh screening over holes you can not plug, such as roof vents. Seal the hole your problem squirrel was going in and out of and look for other potential problems. If at all possible, thoroughly clean the area where the squirrel was living so that her pheromones do not attract more squirrels. Cleaning up is also important to keep you from potentially getting sick, so consider hiring a professional if the squirrel was living in a space inside your home that you can not easily get to.

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