Cheap Game Ideas for a Sweet 16 Party


In the United States, turning 16 can be a big deal. Because your child only turns 16 once, it is necessary to plan a sweet 16 party that your child will remember for the rest of her life. A sweet 16 party is a special occasion to be celebrated with family and friends. Games at the party should not be too childish but should be fun for the whole family. Sweet 16 party games can be inexpensive or even free.

On the Way to the Party

This game is a fun variation of one called "On My Way to Grandmother's House, which you may have played as a child. In addition to costing nothing, this game does not need any planning or preparation.

Gather all of the party guests together around a table. The birthday girl or boy starts off by saying, “On the way to the party, I bought a____.” The next person in the circle will then repeat what the previous person said, but will add another item to the sentence. For example, if the first person said, "On the way to the party, I bought a cake," the second person would say, "On the way to the party, I bought a cake and ice cream." As the game continues, the sentence and list of items becomes longer and much more difficult to remember. When someone forgets an item or does not say the sentence correctly, he's out. The last person left wins.

16 Questions

This is variation of the popular "21 Questions." One person will think of a famous person. The birthday girl or boy can start. The rest of the party guests will then go around in a circle and ask up to 16 questions and try to guess who the famous person is. When someone guesses the correct answer, it becomes that person's turn to think of a famous person. If no one is able to guess the person, then the party guest will reveal the answer and choose another person. Creating answer cards with the names of famous people listed on them is a way to speed up the game, as it minimizes the time it takes to think of someone.

Pin the Key on the Car

Using a piece of poster board, draw a car and then cut it out. It does not have to be a work of art; just make sure that it looks like a car and that it is big enough for everyone to see. Using what's left of the poster board after you cut out the car, draw two small keys and cut them out; they can be the same size as regular car keys. Place a piece of Velcro on the driver’s side window of the car cut-out and the other side of the Velcro on the backs of the keys.

In an open room with nothing on the walls, hang the car on the wall. Break the group into two teams. Blindfold the first two contestants--one person from each team--and have them spin around in a circle for 30 seconds. After they are dizzy from spinning, give them each a key and have them try to pin them to the piece of Velcro on the car. The first person to pin the key on the car wins and will receive a point for their team. The team with the most points after everyone gets a turn wins.

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