Powerball Exercises


The Powerball is an engineered gyroscope that consists of a spinning rotor encased in a solid sphere. This handheld gyro provides a workout through resistance training and can generate between one and 40 pounds of resistance by spinning at almost 15,000 rpm. With no electric motor or batteries, the resistance generated by the Powerball comes from the motion of your wrist and fingers.


  • Extend your arm at a 45-degree angle from your side. Rotate the wrist in a counterclockwise motion to focus on the muscles in the forearm. This works the upper portion of the forearm. To work the lower forearm, hold your arm in the same position, but rotate your wrist in a clockwise fashion.


  • To work the bicep muscle, bend your arm at the elbow so that your elbow is at a 90-degree angle to your body. This is the same starting position as if you were holding a barbell preparing to do a bicep curl. Rotate the ball in a counterclockwise motion while you angle your wrist slightly toward your body.


  • Position your arm almost straight down by your side. Hold the ball to where it is slightly located in front of you. Rotate the ball counterclockwise.


  • Hold your arm straight down by your side, just as you would for the pectoral exercise. The difference is that you will rotate the Powerball in a clockwise motion. This will create a burning sensation in your deltoid area.

Fingers and Grip

  • Simply by using the Powerball to perform other exercises, it will also improve your finger strength and grip. As the ball generates higher speeds, you will be forced to maintain a firmer grip.


  • By regularly using the Powerball to work different areas of the body, you will also improve wrist strength. The speed at which the Powerball is used is not a factor in this. At all speeds and arm angles the wrist is supporting the power of the ball in motion therefore increasing your wrist strength.


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