Kinky Adult Party Games


Whether you and your significant other is hosting a swingers party, or you are just having a naughty night of fun with your friends, there are tons of kinky games you can play. Playing naughty games at parties can be a lot of fun for people who practice safe and clean habits and activities.

Card Classics

  • You can't go wrong with the classics, and one of the most classic kinky party games is Strip Poker. The rules of Strip Poker are essentially the same as the poker games you play at casinos and on websites. The difference is that instead of playing for chips or money, you are playing for nudity. Anytime someone loses a hand, they must shed an article of clothing. Make it fun and include fantasy chips if you are throwing a party for adult swingers. Write an "X" on the back of one or two of the poker chips, and if someone wins one of those chips, the loser has to do something naughty. It's a fun and kinky twist on the adult classic.

Fashion Show

  • Have all the ladies that are attending your sexy party perform a kinky fashion show for the rest of the partygoers. Before throwing the party, send all of your guests a checklist for items to bring such as their favorite sexy pieces of lingerie and even naughty toys and body paints. Another idea is to take all of your girlfriends out to buy brand new things to show off just for their husbands at the party. Play sexy and upbeat music for the fashion show, and seat the men with drinks so they can enjoy the kinky show.

Spin The Bottle

  • Spin the Bottle is another classic party game that is often favored among teenagers, but adults can make it an even naughtier experience when the kissing isn't limited to the mouth. Make it an extra kinky affair by blindfolding the person who is spinning the bottle. Not only can they not see who is kissing them, but they may just get kissed anywhere on their body. This is an extra erotic game that many open-minded couples love to play together at their parties.


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