Best Fabric to Make an Outdoor Cover


Being outdoors is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends during temperate weather. Investing in quality furniture that will last for years is definitely worth it. You can protect your investments by making covers to put over your patio and deck furniture as well as your grill. Covers keep everything clean and protected from the elements.

What to Look for

  • The most important qualities to look for in an outdoor fabric covering is durability and breathability. You want your fabric coverings to last for several years. You also want the coverings to be colorfast so they look nice for several years. Fabric stores sell different types of fabric that are suitable for constant outdoor use. Compare prices of the different fabrics and what they will be covering before making a purchase.


  • Use canvas as a heavy-duty protector for many items that stay outside year-round. Canvas protects from sun and rain, but it also is heavy enough to not blow away every time there is a little bit of wind. The down side of canvas is that if you need a very large piece of it, it can be very heavy to move, especially if it gets wet. Spray the canvas before using with a water repellent as extra protection against all forms of precipitation.


  • Nylon is good for covering outside items that might be on a porch with a roof. Nylon protects from moisture. It is very lightweight and inexpensive. Use nylon to cover patio furniture. Do not use nylon to cover a grill since even the least amount of heat will cause the nylon to melt. Nylon is washable and resistant to mold and mildew. Add lead weights to the corners of the nylon covers to help it stay down in case of wind.


  • Crypton is a relatively new fabric on the market. It is a little more expensive than canvas or nylon, but it also has more options in patterns and textures. The manufacturer guarantees Crypton against stains and bacteria making it an excellent choice for outdoor coverings. It is water resistant, but it also resists stains, bacteria and mold. Crypton has a moisture barrier to protect your outdoor furniture from getting wet, but it also allows air to flow through. Crypton is extremely durable and washable. I will not lose its color or its water resistant qualities. Crypton fabrics come in suede, woven fabrics and also textured fabric.

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