Emerson VCR Player Recorder User Instructions


For many years, the VCR was the go-to device to watch and record content from your television. Not only could you watch VHS movies of your favorite Hollywood releases, but you could also record television shows and other programs airing on the television. Despite its waning popularity, the VCR is still an extremely useful recording device.

Connect the Emerson VCR to TV

  • Connect your antenna or cable hookup to your Emerson VCR. To do this, take the coaxial cable (black circular cable with the metal pin in the middle) and insert it into the VCR's "In" port. Then, take a second coaxial cable, attach one end to the VCR's "Out" port and the other to the TV's "In" port. This way the broadcast signal will travel through the VCR before it arrives at the TV.

Set the Channel

  • Power on both the TV and the Emerson VCR. Adjust the television to channel 3 ("3" is the default channel, but if it doesn't work try "2" or "4"). To change the actual broadcast channel you will need to use the Emerson VCR remote. There will be channel buttons on there. Either punch in the number with the number pad, or navigate to the desired channel with the "Up" or "Down" buttons.

Record the Show

  • Depending on the model of your Emerson VCR this process will vary slightly. On older models you will need to press the "Play" and "Record" button at the exact same time. You will know it caught and is recording when a new red light appears. However, on newer models you will just need to press the "Record" button on the remote control.
    Do not change the channel while the TV is recording though, because unlike DVRs, changing the station while recording will change the recording as well.

Why Still a VCR

  • Over the years, the DVR has taken over the VCR's former niche. This is because many cable and satellite providers have these systems built into the receivers. However, for those individuals who do not have a built-in DVR (or cable/satellite service for that matter) the Emerson VCR is the perfect way to record your shows. DVRs can be expensive when the cable companies do not provide them, while the Emerson VCR in 2009 could be purchased for less than $40, and you may even already have an Emerson VCR in your home. In addition, in 2009, VHS tapes were inexpensive, could still be purchased from most electronic stores, and they can be played over any television with a VCR attached to it.

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