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Toxins enter the body continually and accumulate until they are forced out. Polluted air, chemical ingredients in personal care products, pesticides from food, refined sugar and caffeine are a few of the sources. Body fat is the primary location where toxins settle; people with large amounts of body fat often store large amounts of toxins. It is important to recognize symptoms that can indicate a toxic overdose in your system. A body fat cleanse will facilitate quicker weight loss, increased energy and the elimination of toxins.

Toxic Symptoms

If you suffer from headaches, fatigue, muscle pains, indigestion, constipation, dizziness, and even poor coordination this could indicate a high amount of heavy metal stored in your body. Substances such as mercury; found in fish, aluminum; an active ingredient in many deodorants and arsenic, nickel, and lead all collect over time. Heavy metal poisons are only one category of toxins. Environmental toxins such as air pollution, caused by industrialization, produces asthma and respiratory symptoms. Dr. Alan Lockwood, in a study for the American Diabetes Association, found a link between dioxins and an increase in diabetes. Sugar, a common toxin ingested through diet, contributes to allergies, gas, bloating, joint problems, headaches, lack of energy, constipation, diarrhea, weight gains, skin problems and high blood pressure.

Release Triggers

Massage, chiropractic adjustments and dieting are methods used to dislodge toxins. Once released from the fat cells, these toxins roam about freely until they relocate to another area of the body or are flushed out. Roaming toxins place stress on your system and can cause serious damage. The resulting onslaught of toxicity can cause your body to hold on to fat instead of releasing it.

Expediting Toxin Release

The removal of toxins through lymphatic massage, chiropractic adjustments or dieting requires rapid removal of the toxic debris. Immediate expulsion of toxins prevents them from relocating to vital organs. Drinking large amounts of distilled water flushes toxins quickly and improves dieting results.

Elimination is accomplished primarily through sweating and urination; toxins that are not completely eliminated are sent elsewhere for relocation. Drink water to banish unwanted toxic waste; a general daily standard is 1 oz. of water for every 2 lbs. of body weight.

Additional Tips

Buy organic food products, avoid tobacco, alcohol and soda and do not use chemically-laden skin products. As you reduce incoming toxins your body begins to focus on eliminating stored toxins. Try using a sweat lodge or sauna regularly to quickly expel existing toxins, as perspiration removes those that are stored. Homemade body wraps and regular skin exfoliation also expedite toxin removal. Body wraps using kaolin clay draw out surface impurities while exfoliation unblocks pores so skin can achieve better elimination results. As you begin effectively discharging stored toxins from your body you will also begin seeing the pounds slip away.

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