Lupus Skin Rash Treatments


Lupus is a chronic disease where the immune system attacks the body's organs and tissue. The disease causes inflammation that affects the affects the joints, blood cells, kidneys, heart, lungs and skin. In some cases, lupus can result in a skin rash. Lupus treatment has improved over the years, and today people with lupus can lead regular, active lives.


  • As with any serious disease, your doctor should always be a part of the discussion regarding the most effective treatment for lupus and the skin rash that can accompany it. Corticosteroids, both oral and topical, are effective forms of treatment for lupus skin rash. Corticosteroids help to decrease inflammation that can affect the organs and body tissue. When taken over long periods of time, corticosteroids can lead to high blood pressure, weight gain and diabetes.

Anti-Malaria Medication

  • Anti-malaria medication is a second type of overall lupus medication that has been proven to be effective in fighting lupus-caused skin rash. The oral medication can be used to help prevent lupus from flaring up, thus helping with any rashes. Anti-malaria medication can cause vision problems and muscle weakness.

Reduced Sun Exposure

  • Being in the sun, or even in florescent lights can set off a lupus skin rash. Make certain to apply sunscreen.


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