Home Remedy for Breast Enhancement


Breast enhancement surgeries are on the top of the list of elective plastic surgeries all over the world, as women (as well as some men) look to improve or remedy their figures. But an expensive surgery, with pain and permanent changes to your body, isn't always right for everyone. You can enhance your breasts' look, feel and shape at home and with little or no cost. Learn how to improve your health and the condition of your skin while taking steps to enhance your chest.


  • Firming the tissue and skin around the breast can improve appearance, and it can also improve the health of your skin. Invest in a good quality firming lotion, available in the beauty aisle of your local pharmacy or grocery store. Look for thick products such as those that contain cocoa butter, which will restore elasticity to the tissue and improve the feel and condition of the skin. Consider purchasing a firming lotion that has an added boost of color, or self-tanning agents, which can help conceal stretch marks or tan lines that sometimes cause dissatisfaction in women regarding their chests. Apply the lotion twice a day after showering, in the morning and before bed. Make sure you use a lotion with added color on your entire body, not only your chest, to have an even tan. Enjoy firmer skin and a firmer feeling chest within the first week, and healthier skin immediately. Supplement the lotion with a daily multivitamin. Skin condition is dramatically affected by diet and nutrition, and important vitamins like vitamin C produce the collagen that firms your skin.

Lift and Tone

  • Use free weights or your gym's weight room to perform exercises which can give the illusion of lifting, building and toning the breasts. Do push-ups at home on the floor, or with straight legs and lifted heels against a wall at the office, to firm the muscles under your breasts' fatty tissue and give a lift to your chest. Check out the guide in the references section for a full list of exercises that can help to tone and lift, or ask an assistant at your gym to point out the machines that work on the chest muscles. To help prevent sagging, you should consider investing in a sleeping bra. Buy any sports bra made of light and comfortable fabric, without an under wire, to wear to bed at night. Be sure that your day bras are supportive and well fitting to keep your breasts lifted and help to prevent sagging with age.


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