1st Birthday Ideas for Outside


While he may not remember the birthday bash, a baby's first birthday is a milestone birthday and should be celebrated. The party doesn't have to be extravagant, in fact it can be a small gathering for family only. Holding an the celebration outdoors is a good way to celebrate and the birthday boy or girl will love exploring outside.

Butterfly Theme Party

  • A butterfly party is a great theme to use for a one year old's birthday and it's even a better idea if the party is thrown outdoors. To decorate put up tables for food and gifts then cover them with a butterfly themed plastic table cloth. Set up chairs for any adults that will be attending the party and spread out sheets or blankets so the children can have a picnic style lunch. String a clothesline or rope between two trees high enough so that the children don't play with it. Make butterflies out of construction paper using popsicle sticks as the butterfly's body and hang them in various lengths from the clothesline. Purchase butterfly shaped balloons, as well as regular balloons in other colors, fill them with helium and use a paperweight to hold them down at the ends of the tables.

    Food should follow the butterfly theme as well. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and use a cookie cutter to cut them into a butterfly shape. Fresh fruit can also be served with the sandwiches. A butterfly cake can be made by baking a large round cake and some cupcakes. Once the cake is finished, simply cut the cake in half to make the butterfly wings. Have four cupcakes lined up on a plate. On each side of the plate place half of the cake with the rounded side towards the cupcakes. Then cut a small "V" shape on the straight edge of the cake halves to make the wings. Finally, ice the cake and the cupcakes. The cupcakes should have a different color icing than the wings. Ice the remaining cupcakes and serve along with the cake. Ice cream can be served in a butterfly shape as well. Simply purchase a rectangle box of ice cream and cut the ice cream into wedges. Then place the ice cream squares on a plate and use a butterfly shaped cookie cutter to cut the ice cream. Then cover with wax paper and place each plate in the freezer until it's time to serve. By placing small bowls of sprinkles out, the children can decorate their butterfly ice cream while the adults are cutting the cake.

Beach Blanket Baby

  • When sending invitations for a Beach Blanket Baby party, make sure to tell guests to bring their child dressed in a swimming suit. To decorate for the party, fill up a small baby pool with water, but only fill it halfway. Also, set up a sandbox for the children to play in. In the area around the sandbox and baby pool, lay out various towels. Set sunglasses, empty bottles of sunscreen or pool toys on the towels for decoration. Blow up beach balls and have them placed throughout the party area as well. Set up tables for food and gifts. Cover the tables with tropical themed plastic table clothes and hang raffia table skirts on them. Inflatable palm trees will give the party area a tropical feel as well. For food, start up the grill and serve hamburgers and hot dogs to guests. Bowls of chips, pretzels, Hawaiian bread and dips can be placed out for guests to munch on as well. Make a circular cake and decorate it like a beach ball.

Baby Carnival

  • A baby carnival can easily be set up in any backyard. Most of the decorations will also be the party games. Paint cardboard boxes to use as the various game stations and line them up in one area. Place hula hoops throughout the yard to give the party a circus feel. Consider renting a small inflatable jumper. This will not only add to the carnival decorations, but add to the party's excitement as well. However, if older children are attending the party be sure the little ones have time by themselves to jump. Decorate the food and gift tables with plastic table clothes that coordinate with the party's color scheme.

    Since this carnival is for a one year old child, the games will be very simple to play. Collect small rubber duckies and label each on with the number one, two or three. Fill up a small basin of water and have the duckies floating in it. Get three small boxes and fill them with prizes. Label the boxes one, two and three. The child then will walk up, pick up a rubber ducky and then select a prize from the matching box. A bean bag toss can also be made. Take a cardboard box and set it up for the children to throw bean bags into. Then hand each child a bean bag and let them try to throw it into the box. Let the children who are having trouble getting the bean bag in the box walk over and place it inside. This way all of the children are winners. Print out various coloring pages with a carnival theme and allow each child to color their own page.

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