The Easiest Ways to Save Money


Finding ways to save money in your daily budget often relies on being more aware of where and how you spend your money. There are many opportunities to save money all around you if you take the time to find them.

Everyday Savings

Consider the items you spend money on regularly. This could be groceries, coffee, utilities or other living expenses. If you shop at specific stores regularly, ask if they have rewards programs or loyalty cards. These cards offer special discount rates and might give rewards for frequent use. For example, your favorite smoothie shop may give you a free smoothie after you purchase 10. Most grocery stores have loyalty programs that offer card holders exclusive discounts. Check newspaper ads to see if your most frequented stores are actually the least expensive. Look at the weekly sales and create your week's menu according to the sale items. Try to cook major meals on the weekends when you have the time and make enough to freeze or use for leftovers during the week so you aren't tempted to go out or order in. This can save hundreds of dollars every month.

Hobbies and Habits

One of the easiest ways to save money is on utilities. Many of us leave televisions, radios and computers on when we aren't using them. If you turn them off along with the lights you will save money. Use a thermostat automatic setting and keep the house cooler in the winter. It's very simple to put on a sweater or watch television with a blanket, and you will reduce the cost of heating your home.

Look at the hobbies you enjoy. Is there a way to cut costs by buying used equipment? You might be paying for a membership when you can be doing the same thing for free. If you are a video game enthusiast, rent games before buying them to see if they truly are something you will need to own. Plan a family movie night with fresh popcorn and candy treats. Renting a movie with all the bells and whistles can entertain your entire family for under $20 when it costs nearly $20 per person to go to the movies and buy popcorn and drinks.


Shopping online can save a lot of money. You can easily compare prices between competitors for what you want. You can also find coupon codes with quick Google searches for things like amusement park tickets and store specials. Simply searching for the item or store with the word "coupon" can provide sites with discount codes for your online purchase.

Another trick you can do online is to fill up a cart of items you want to purchase and then wait for the online store to have a sale. If your items go on sale you will benefit from waiting a week to purchase. You might lose some items that are no longer in stock, but this could be a great filter to determine if you really needed it in the first place. Disable cookies in your browser to keep a shopping cart active for more than a day.

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