What Hat to Wear With a Mink Coat


If you're wearing a mink coat, you aren't a wallflower. Mink coats are regal and dress up any look. Thanks to the lack of rules in modern fashion, mink coats work with a pair of dark-rinse jeans and tall boots just as they do over an evening gown. It's what goes on your head when wearing a mink coat that can be tricky.

Choosing a Color

  • Selecting a color for the hat to be worn with your mink coat shouldn't be difficult. You want to stick with a color a few shades darker or lighter than your mink, or go for neutrals like ivory or black. Anything too close to the color of your mink won't read as modern. Mink coats are a classic wardrobe piece, but you still want the overall look to be current. You can also choose dark colors like navy, forest green or eggplant which will fit with a mink coat's regal feel without being a basic hue.


  • For a special occasion or casual outing, a beret works beautifully with a mink coat. Hair works best with a beret when worn down. Keep your hair smooth and loose and place the beret on your head, wearing it upright or at a slight angle. While berets work with a fashion-forward pantsuit topped with a mink coat, remember you will likely remove your hat when you're indoors at a special event. Be prepared with a small comb or simply finger-comb hair lightly to avoid "hat hair" if you've been wearing the beret for a long time in transit to the event.

Knit Hat

  • A knit hat is the most modern headgear for a mink coat. It contrasts with the over-the-top luxury a mink coat portrays, making this look great for younger to middle-aged woman. Knit hats work well with mink coats that hit at the hip or knees, as full-length mink coats are usually reserved for upscale events. A turtleneck, skinny jeans and boots are taken to new fashion heights when worn with a mink coat and knit hat. Keep the knit simple and free of ornate patterns for a sleek, sophisticated look.

Russian Hat

  • A Russian hat works with a mink coat for going to and from a high-end affair or walking outside for an extended period of time (when you're wearing the coat and hat to keep warm as well as to look fashionable). Like a beret, a Russian hat is usually removed once indoors, so be prepared to freshen your coif. A Russian hat and mink coat combination is only appropriate at a very lavish event; wearing that combination when walking around for a "regular" outing can create a rather ostentatious look.


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