Dent Removal Techniques


Walking up to your car and finding a dent on its paneling is not something anyone enjoys. But there is no reason to fret over the damage or the cost of having the dent pulled out. Instead, consider doing it yourself with a few relatively easy techniques that will have your car dent free in no time.

Plunger Method

  • Since most dents on cars are simply depressed pieces of metal, the dent can usually be removed by applying pressure in the opposite direction of the indent. A plunger works well for this kind of project, according to, and can be accomplished without causing any additional damage to your car.

    Place the plunger against the dented area and pump it several times to create a suction seal against the metal. Gently pull away from the dent. If the dent isn't serious, it should pop right out without causing paint or structural damage.

Mallet Method

  • For those stubborn dents in areas that you can access the backside of, consider using a rubber mallet. Try finding a mallet that is the same size, or relatively close, to the dent you are trying to remove. Using a mallet that has a head larger or smaller than the dented area could potentially leave strike marks.

    Locate the dent and pound the opposite side of the metal to force the dent outward. You may have to crawl under the car in order to properly swing the hammer.

Drilling Technique

  • If you have a dent that needs to be removed and have the ability to do some repair work to the metal once the dent is removed, you can always use the drilling method. According to, a good method for removing a dent is to drill a self-tapping screw into the metal at the center of the dent. Using either a claw hammer or gripping pliers, gently pull the screw out, and the dent should come with it. Patch the hole and cover with primer and matching paint to conceal the work.

Commercial and Professional

  • There are commercial kits available at most auto parts stores that will help you remove dents from your car. In addition, professional services are available at auto body shops. These are often quick and relatively inexpensive to use, plus the auto body shop had a wider array of tools and the ability to fix any scratches or creases in the metal.

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