Are Silver Rounds a Good Investment?


Buying precious metals like silver can be a lucrative investment. You can purchase silver coins, which are actual legal tender, silver rounds, silver bars, or silver stock certificates. When choosing what form of silver to invest in, it becomes a matter of choice, and of course, what you can afford. Here are reasons why silver rounds may be a good investment choice for you.

Why Invest in Silver

  • A reason to invest in silver is because it's used heavily in industries like health care. Silver is highly conducive to conducting electricity, which makes it a necessity for manufacturing items like circuit boards. Investing in silver rounds is unlike investing in the stock market because you actually take possession of a tangible item. Another reason to invest in silver rounds is that they are extremely liquid. If you find yourself in need of extra cash, you can easily sell your silver rounds at or slightly above the silver spot price.

Silver Rounds vs. Silver Bars and Other Coins

  • Silver rounds contain .999 percent fine silver. Silver rounds are sold in 1-oz. denominations. One of the main attractions to silver rounds are lower premiums. For specialty coins, like silver American Eagles, the premiums tend to be much higher. Silver American Eagles serve as U.S. currency, whereas silver rounds don't. If you look at purchasing silver strictly from an investment standpoint, buying silver rounds helps you avoid huge dealer premiums. In addition, most coins don't contain 100% silver. When you buy silver rounds, you should expect to pay no more than a 12% markup. Silver coin markups may be as high as 50%, depending on the dealer. Silver rounds can be stored easily in your home safe, whereas silver bars may take up quite a bit of space, particularly if you're storing a lot of bars.

Growth Potential

  • Investing in silver rounds can allow you to potentially double or triple your original investment. As the spot price of silver rises, you can sell your silver rounds at a profit if you so desire. According to analysts at CMI, silver reserves are decreasing worldwide at about 5% annually. Anytime there is a shortage of a particular product, with demand staying the same or increasing, the price of that product is bound to go up.


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