Instructions to Make a Spiderman Costume


Spiderman is one of the classic super heroes of Marvel Comics whose fame has branched out into movies, cartoons and video games. The costume he wears, while not particularly elaborate, can be a bit tricky to make. The materials needed are not expensive, but it takes a little work to perfect the fine details.


  • There are two options for the chest of the costume. The first is to take a red, long-sleeved, tight shirt and paint on the blue sections with fabric paint. The diagram shows the blue and red sections of the costume. You will need to try the shirt on and check to make sure you haven't missed any areas.

    The other option is to use two long-sleeved shirts, one red and one blue. Cut the red shirt to fit the pattern of the diagram. Don't cut closer than two inches from the elastic bands around the neck, arm and body holes of the red shirt. Put on the blue shirt, and then put the red shirt on directly over it. Use safety pins to fasten the two shirts together and remove them. Sew the shirts together.


  • The gloves should match the color of the red shirt as closely as possible. While wearing the shirt, put the gloves on and tuck them under the shirt cuff. Pin the gloves and shirt together. Take off the shirt and sew the glove to the shirt cuff.


  • The mask can be made by modifying a Lucha Libre-style mask. The easiest option is the Buzz Spandex mask from Corazon. The eyes are slightly too large, but not enough to be an issue. Paint the mask red with fabric paint, then paint the fabric around the eyes with black fabric paint. Other full-face Lucha Libre masks will work, but this one requires less work.


  • The webbing is much simpler than it appears. It is basically a grid, except the horizontal lines are curved slightly upwards, as shown in the picture. Draw the webbing with a white fabric marker on the red sections of the costume. Also outline the red sections with a white line. For the mask, just follow the pattern pictured. The starting point of the grid is just above the nose on the mask. Keep repeating the grid down the red section of the shirt and gloves. A link to a higher quality version of the image is in the Resources section below.


  • Both symbols are the same shape as pictured. The front symbol should be drawn directly over the webbing lines with a black fabric marker. On most people, it should be about 7" x 7". The back symbol should be drawn with a red fabric marker. It should be about 12" x 12" on average.

Legs and Feet

  • For the legs of the costume, use blue pants or tights. For the boots, use old boots or galoshes spray-painted red with acrylic paint for the webbing.

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