Low Carb Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast


Low-carbohydrate diet plans are effective for allowing dieters to shed weight quickly, but the restrictiveness of wholly eliminating carbs quickly becomes more than most can bear. Thus, the best low-carb plans are the ones that employ moderate carb deprivation, allowing dieters to remain on board for the long haul and maintain steady weight loss without sacrificing their sanity in the process. What follows are two low-carb plans that will help you drop weight fast, without completing eliminating carbs.

Painless Carb Reduction

Painless Carb Reduction is a dieting plan designed by nutritional scientist Lonnie Lowery, Ph.D. Painless Carb Reduction focuses on carbohydrate restriction without wholesale carb deprivation, blending the rapid weight-loss advantages of a traditional low-carb diet with the livability of keeping carbs as a meal option. To accomplish this goal, Painless Carb Reduction separates the day into two portions. In the morning, you are expected to consume protein and carbs, with minimal fats. In the evening, you should consume protein and fats with minimal carbs. As carbs are used for quick energy in the body, it makes sense to cut off the flow of fuel where need dwindles. So think of the a.m. hours as a refueling period and the p.m. hours as a coasting period, where the morning's fuel is expended so that no fat is stored overnight.

Food choices on Painless Carb Reduction should be as clean as possible--just because this is not a zero-carbohydrate diet is not license to become wholly gluttonous. Stick to natural carb sources wherever possible, such as fruits, veggies, oats, sweet potatoes and some whole grains. The cleaner the carbs you consume in the a.m., the better weight loss results you will get from your p.m. carb-fast.


The downside to Painless Carb Reduction is that it is rigidly restrictive, separating the day into a clear carb/no-carb dichotomy, without the possibility of customization. Carb-cutoffs can address and solve this problem. A carb-cutoff is a time of day after which carbs are no longer consumed. Unlike Painless Carb Reduction, however, the typical time of the day for carb-cutoffs is not noon, but in the evening.

For beginners on the plan, set your initial carb-cutoff time to as 6 p.m. Most families have dinner by this time, but if you are a late-eater, you will have to make due without carbs for your final meal of the day. After two weeks of a 6 p.m. carb-cutoff, assess progress using both the scale and the mirror. If you are losing weight as anticipated (one to two pounds a week is a reasonable goal), keep your cutoff time at 6 p.m. for another two weeks. If your weight is not dropping at a decent pace, move your carb-cutoff time back one hour and reassess in another two weeks. Through this system of constant adjustment, you will find the carb-cutoff time that works best for you.


Painless Carb Reduction is best for individuals who lack the mental fortitude to rigorously adopt both the letter and the spirit of the law of carb-cutoffs. Many dieters who adopt carb-cutoffs will aim to sneak in a final carb-heavy meal right before their cutoff time, then act surprised when they find the plan is not working. If you are the kind of person who attempts to skirt dieting commandments, Painless Carb Reduction is the better plan for you. Otherwise, give carb-cutoffs a try--the inherent customization will educate you about your body's carb tolerances, giving you valuable dieting information you can use for life.

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